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Press 10.06.24

Cloud-based procurement solution by Onventis and Unite

Pre-integrating the Mercateo Marketplace from Unite gives Onventis customers instant access to millions of products in 12 European markets.

Procurement in mechanical engineering

Putting procurement into production: how mechanical engineering companies can embrace purchasing innovation to tackle current challenges.

Prioritising DEI in corporate culture

What does DEI mean to develop an ideal workplace experience and why it’s intrinsically linked to productivity and fostering innovation.

Press 16.05.24

Unite releases financial performance for fiscal 2023

Unite holds a firm market position, offering transparent procurement solutions and services tailored to buyers' needs.

Procurement in the automotive industry

How advanced procurement and technology shape the evolving automotive industry

Procurement in energy and utilities

How procurement practices and technology drive success and help tackle multifaceted challenges today and in the future.

Unite participates in the UN Global Compact

Unite is not just committed to sustainability; we are actively pursuing it. Our recent membership in the UN Global Compact (UNGC) is a testament to this.

Procurement excellence: the evolving role of the CPO

We take a look at the challenges facing organisations and how these have radically transformed the CPO job description.

Unite’s new headquarters inaugurated

Unite’s new headquarters is situated in the heart of Europe. Let’s celebrate this significant milestone in Unite’s journey.

Breaking barriers: insights from Arzu Wittmaack

International Women's Day: interview with Arzu Wittmaack, Unite's head of Global Partner Management, about her personal journey and women in leadership positions.

Efficient procurement in four easy steps

Steps businesses must take to acquire goods and services to operate efficiently.

Press 28.02.24

Unite opens new headquarters in Leipzig

The European e-procurement platform business Unite has officially opened its corporate headquarters, with a ceremony held in Leipzig, Germany.