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Single Creditor

At Unite, we’re powering a new way to process payments.

We take charge of invoicing so that you can quickly and easily book any number of suppliers. That’s why, with our single-creditor set-up, no matter how many businesses you buy from, you only have one account on your books.

Unite Single Creditor Streamlined Shopping

Streamlined shopping on the network

With single-creditor suppliers, no matter how many shops you activate, you’ll only deal with one creditor in your system. Add as many as you like at the click of a button and still benefit from individual conditions.

Keep account processing to a minimum by encouraging your suppliers to join the network using single-creditor services too.

Unite Single Creditor Focus

Focus on what matters

With provider connectivity, billing and payments taken care of, you’re free to focus on more important conversations with your suppliers – from product advice and order queries to negotiating the best prices for your business.

Unite Single Creditor Simplify Invoice Process

Simplify invoice and payment processing

We’ve got good news for your accounting department – with single-creditor suppliers, there’s less administration and master data maintenance to take care of. Plus, automated and uniform invoicing and payment processing makes settling your accounts really simple.

How Single Creditor works

Unite Single-Creditor Order


You place orders with single-creditor shops through Unite.

Unite Single-Creditor Invoice


Your suppliers send their invoice data to Unite.

Unite Single-Creditor Invoice Bundle


We bring all your invoices together on one account so you only have to deal with us.

Unite Single-Creditor Pay


You pay your invoice to Unite, and we take care of the rest.

Get in touch

Would you like to know more about optimising your procurement processes with Unite? We´re happy to talk you through it.