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Get Paid

Invoice and receive payments, the easy way

Getting paid can be painstaking, but with Unite by your side, you can streamline invoicing, reduce unpaid bills, and offer your customers a way to settle up that works for them.

Unite Get Paid One Creditor

One creditor for your customers

Don’t get left behind by customers demanding lean processes and fewer creditors. Unite is the streamlined solution they need, grouping orders and offering a single creditor no matter how many suppliers they use. They benefit from reduced process costs and supplier diversity. You benefit from customer satisfaction.

Your Invoices taken care of by Unite

Your invoices taken care of

We make e-invoicing easy, cutting out painful paperwork and annoying errors. From a small local business to the public sector and global group, we process your invoices and send them electronically in the format and channel your customers prefer. We make any necessary adjustments and comply with country regulations, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Unite Get Paid One Account

One account that works for you

Keep things simple by choosing our single-debtor option. That means all your orders, invoices and payments are on one Unite account, saving you time and hassle. With just one account, all the information is at your fingertips – no more time-consuming searches or manual data maintenance. Sound good?

Unite Get Paid Fuss Free Payments

Faster, fuss-free payments

With Unite as your single debtor, you don’t waste valuable time chasing outstanding debts and having tricky conversations. Our electronic data processing and fixed payment targets help you reduce invoicing and late payments costs, keeping your cash flow in check.

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