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Articles 26 — Page 1 of 3

Procurement in healthcare

Learn about procurement challenges facing the healthcare sector and how you can tackle them.

Procurement in mechanical engineering

Putting procurement into production: how mechanical engineering companies can embrace purchasing innovation to tackle current challenges.

Procurement in the automotive industry

How advanced procurement and technology shape the evolving automotive industry

Procurement in energy and utilities

How procurement practices and technology drive success and help tackle multifaceted challenges today and in the future.

Procurement excellence: the evolving role of the CPO

We take a look at the challenges facing organisations and how these have radically transformed the CPO job description.

Unite’s new headquarters inaugurated

Unite’s new headquarters is situated in the heart of Europe. Let’s celebrate this significant milestone in Unite’s journey.

Efficient procurement in four easy steps

Steps businesses must take to acquire goods and services to operate efficiently.

Key steps to tackle process costs in indirect procurement

Find out how you can streamline your procurement processes to lower your costs.

Unlimited supplier options: benefits of a single creditor model

Why the single creditor model is the fastest way to streamline your procurement

Decentralised procurement

Profiting from the benefits by doing it the compliant way.

B2B vs B2C marketplaces

What’s the difference between dedicated marketplaces for businesses and consumers?

Unite and set to collaborate on AI

Unite’s Munich office has enthusiastically embraced a new era of AI collaboration.