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Join our tech team at Unite

Welcome developers, engineers and IT experts!
Are you interested in using your skills to promote sustainable procurement?
Unite is a B2B platform that connects buyers and suppliers across Europe for mutual benefit. Our platform encourages sustainability, equality and fair transactions. Our tech teams play a vital role in achieving these goals.
Get ready to thrive in an agile and collaborative environment.

Our core teams

Software engineering

Our software engineering teams are full-stack and specialise in multiple areas, such as frontend, backend, or DevOps. They design, code, test, deploy, and maintain everything on our platform, including features like user management, AAA, payment methods, and the checkout process. Whether they are developing the UI, a new microservice, or troubleshooting bugs, there’s plenty of room for creativity and problem-solving.

Data engineering and science

Our data engineering and data science teams work passionately on our platform, collating valuable information to enable ourselves and our users to derive meaningful insights. Mathematical models and data structures help us identify identical articles and rank products, as well as map the user journey for a better user experience. These teams are multi-skilled and master several programming languages to stay on top of our data needs.

IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure teams are the backbone of our operation. They support our platform and internal IT landscape, and are responsible for building, operating, and maintaining a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure while also keeping a watchful eye on security threats.

How we work


When facing a task, our colleagues have the liberty and flexibility to find their solutions. An agile approach to working in autonomous teams provides a structured and secure environment for imagination, proactivity and experimentation.


We encourage everyone to unite their strengths for the greater good. Team up in pair programming sessions to spark ideas, think differently and find new perspectives. Open communication is at the core of our values and fosters knowledge-sharing and collaboration within teams.


We work iteratively to drive product innovation. If something doesn’t work out as you intended, that’s ok, you’re one step closer to the expected result. Shake it off and try again.


Our full-stack engineering teams are structured around business domains, which favour a microservice architecture. Your responsibilities don't end once you finish implementing the code. You will be responsible for building and running the services you create.

Take a look at our tech stack

Tech Stack Unite

What you can expect

A place to prosper

We aim to create an environment where you can thrive. We offer ergonomic office spaces, health and well-being benefits, and a hybrid working policy that provides flexibility and work-life balance.

A space to grow

In our sprints, 10% of your working hours is reserved for learning purposes. To ensure that this time is utilised effectively, we provide access to online learning platforms such as Udemy and Unite Academy. This is an opportunity for you to develop your skills and advance your career within the company.

A life to live

Work autonomously, arrange your working hours around your everyday life. Define your standard for a healthy work-life balance because you matter.

A community to belong

Whether you join our table tennis league, online gaming tournaments, or regular social events, we want you to have fun and become a part of our community.

Zafar Mahmood, Data Scientist at Unite

In my team, decisions are made with a wide margin. Great value is attached to sound opinions based on hard facts, and this is something that really sets Unite apart from other employers.

Zafar, Data Scientist

Host - meet - party - repeat

We have been supporting JUG Saxony for many years
Summer party

Our 2022 summer party was held at Leipzig after a three-year hiatus. The atmosphere was abuzz with activity as 450-plus employees from around the world joined in, some of whom met each other in person for the first time. "Having this incredible opportunity to celebrate and experience our spirited culture has strengthened my connection with Unite and Unitees," remarked Rachit Gurung from Nepal, one of the many colleagues invited from 26 countries.

SAP meets agile working - Meetup

Agile working in IT development can be tricky, especially while collaborating with software giants like SAP. In a networking event hosted at Leipzig, Germany, we exchanged tips, tricks and trimmings of agile working and dynamic programming.

Hardware for future

Children need a computer for home-schooling. But that's exactly what many Leipzig schoolchildren lack. The "Hardware for Future" association donates PCs to enable digital participation among children. In November 2020, Unitees refurbished and donated 50 computers to this cause.

We are members of JUG Saxony & IT Cluster

As an IT company and sponsor, we have been supporting JUG Saxony for many years with expertise and insights into the everyday IT life of our colleagues. We support the JUG community of Java enthusiasts by hosting events, setting up workshops and encouraging youth to enter the IT branch. We are also part of the IT cluster, a regional network of IT companies.

Women working in IT

Our IT HR colleagues, Carolin Fischer and Amruta Pallewar, gave a presentation at the 'diversIT: Women in IT' event by Lancaster University Leipzig on Tech Recruitment connected with women empowerment. They shared insights on the importance of increasing the presence of women in IT, the challenges women face in the industry, and ways to motivate more girls to study computer science and similar fields.

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How we hire

Application phase

Send your CV and a cover letter. You can make your application stand out by including a link to your private repository or any side projects you’ve contributed to.

Video interview

We liked your application and would like to get to know you better. Let's explore our mutual fit and talk about the skills and experiences we're looking for.

Coding challenge & workshop

It's now time for you to take on a coding challenge. We'll discuss your submission in a tech workshop and answer all your questions.


We'd love to have you on our team. We’ll extend an offer and discuss your potential start date.

Share your value with Unite

Do you love what we do at Unite and want to be a part of it? We’re always looking for committed people to join our team. Find out more about how we work at Unite.

HR tech team

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