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Take control of the way you buy

Build a B2B marketplace with your chosen suppliers or enhance direct relationships with one-to-one prices – however you want to buy, we’ve got you covered. From tailor-made to tail-end, take a closer look at the buying potential with Unite.

Your marketplace, your choice

Take control and create your own customised B2B marketplace by activating BusinessShops in the Unite Store to suit your strategy. These are pre-integrated digital catalogues from verified suppliers, and with a wide range ready and waiting, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Unite pick-and choose

Pick and choose

You’re in the driving seat, choosing which suppliers are visible in your marketplace, and in turn ensuring that their products feature prominently in the search results.

Unite one click

One-click, when you want

With one-click activation, it’s free and easy to get started. Don’t worry about onboarding, just activate pre-integrated suppliers and they’ll be available right away.

Unite dicsover value

Discover value

With greater visibility in your spend reports, you can identify suppliers that are most relevant to your long-term business goals, whether that’s innovation or sustainability.

Unite Buy Spot Spend

Spot and spend

When one-to-one won’t do, you can always buy directly from our Spotmarket, taking care of ad-hoc needs.

From copy paper to cutting wheels, stain remover to soldering irons, and fire alarms to flange screws – search over 50 million products from hundreds of anonymous suppliers, all vetted by us.