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Two women from the Legal Team discuss compliance matters at the office Two women from the Legal Team discuss compliance matters at the office



To us, compliance goes beyond adhering to guidelines and legal regulations. It’s engrained in our trust-based and collaborative approach, both within and outside the company.

Our policies

Our long-standing relationships with our customers, business partners and colleagues are based on a strong value system, which is also reflected in our internal and external policies.

Our business partners place a lot of trust in the network. That’s why our rules and regulations make fairness and transparency the basis for all interactions on Unite. 

Our Unite Principles of Conduct describe the essential principles that Unite considers as the benchmark for business conduct, recognising the responsibility towards people, society, and the environment. To us, these principles are minimum requirements that guide what we do every day. 

We’re committed to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statement and are making extensive efforts to minimise the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our own operations and supply chain. 

Building lasting relationships with our business partners depends on fairness, trust and transparency. Our Gift Policy covers the exchange of customary courtesies and small, appropriate gifts. 

In accordance with our value of 'sustainability', we are actively committed to environmental protection and strive to minimize or completely eliminate the impact of our business activities on the environment.

Environmental Policy

Energy Management Policy

Waste Management Policy

A female employee logs into the Whistleblowing System on her laptop

Our Whistleblowing System

We see ourselves as a trustworthy and responsible partner. If you notice something that’s in breach of Unite policies or a legal violation, you can report it anonymously through our Whistleblowing System.

Our data security framework

Safeguarding data protection

Data is the driving force behind our platform. It’s what empowers all its participants to create and share value. Protecting this data is a crucial building block for trustworthy business relationships. At Unite, we handle data with care and always strive for stronger data protection.

Strengthening our information security

Digital businesses like Unite have a big responsibility for information security as we manage both our own and all of our stakeholders’ data. That’s why professional information security management is very important to us and helps to manage risks.

Our certificates

Fair Tax Mark

Bronze Ecovadis certification

Eva Nonnenmacher, Unite

At Unite, compliance means communication. Our policies reflect our company values, so it’s easy to bring them to life.

Eva Nonnenmacher, Legal Team at Unite

Our responsibility

We extend beyond merely focussing on process efficiency and cost benefits. At Unite, we connect the economy for sustainable business.

Supply Chain Act

We care about human rights and protecting the environment, as laid out in the German Supply Chain Act. Find out more in our statement.

Managed Supply

We hold our high standards for all our partnerships, especially when it comes to the suppliers on our marketplace. Choosing to collaborate only with carefully evaluated, high-quality suppliers.

Product Compliance

Would you like to make sure that the items you’re about to buy comply with your company’s standards and regulations? Our Support portal tells you everything you need to know about what we expect from the suppliers on our marketplace and the items they sell.

A portrait of Compliance Officer Frank Weigelt

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about how we act responsibly at Unite, please get in touch with with our Legal Team.

Frank Weigelt, Compliance Officer