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Your benefits at Unite

We know what matters to you, and our benefits at Unite reflect that. We’ve embraced flexible working models for a better work-life balance – sabbaticals, workations and other well-being initiatives aimed to help you be your very best!

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Unitees share a candid moment at work

Flexible working models: Depending on your role, you can choose between our Smart Work models: mostly in the office, hybrid or working remotely from home to suit your preferred working style.

Onboarding: To make your start with us as smooth as possible, we’ve set up a comprehensive onboarding experience.

Cycle to work scheme: How about getting to work sustainably and squeezing in some exercise as well? Our Unite cycle-to-work scheme might be the perfect way for you to do that. We’ll help you lease a new bike – it’s easy and convenient.

Leipzig headquarters: Do we even need physical offices nowadays? We think so. Our new headquarters in Leipzig’s city centre is sustainably constructed and adapts to shifting office needs. Want to focus on some deep work, get creative input or organise a team day? You can do all that here.

Purpose: We’ve always strived to make B2B procurement more efficient. And we do that by digitalising processes and enabling company relationships online to make the economy a little more sustainable. Would you like to join our mission?

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Attractive office locations: Public transport can get you to our German offices in Munich, Köthen and Leipzig easily and sustainably. Enjoy the latest New Work standards, delicious food and cross-departmental collaboration at our new headquarters in the heart of Leipzig.

International and diverse: Our company culture is as diverse as our supplier and product landscape: Unite operates across 12 European countries and with remotees working for us from around the world.

Workation: Why not combine work with pleasure? You can work abroad for up to 2 months, a great way to extend your holiday or visit family and friends in other countries.

Ask the board: Everyone’s on a first-name basis at Unite, whether you’re speaking to your colleagues or the CEO. Our Executive Board cares about openly communicating corporate decisions and changes to the company. For this purpose, we hold a company-wide online presentation once a month called Hello Unite. You also have the opportunity to ask the board your questions in advance.

Corporate Benefits: Always looking for a good bargain when shopping online? Our ‘Corporate Benefits’ give Unitees access to several discounts and promotions run by well-known brands. Enjoy browsing the offers!

A Unitee pushes a bicycle with a child seat

Flexible working hours: Off to see the pediatrician in the morning or have to attend to your child in the afternoon? Unite lets you manage your workload on your terms, so you don’t miss out. We offer flexible working hours and 30+ holidays so you can strike the optimal balance between your work and personal life.

Subsidised childcare: Unite subsidises childcare costs. All you need to qualify is a contract with your child’s kindergarten or daycare. The subsidy amount varies based on an employee’s salary so as to promote social fairness at Unite.

Playground: Raising children is full of surprises. If your babysitter cancels at the last minute or you need to work and attend to your child at short notice, don’t worry. That’s what the Playground at our new headquarters in Leipzig will be for – a dedicated space where you can let your child be while you focus on your work.

Unitees perform yoga during a work break

Workplace health campaigns: Your health is our priority. Our designated Workplace Health Team organises health campaigns regularly. These include check-ups, vaccinations and health tips for your day-to-day work. We’ve even received the German Healthcare Award several times in a row for our commitment to our employees’ health.

Employee well-being: The challenges of today’s digital world of work can be a lot to take sometimes. With a team of external psychologists, Unite provides preventative measures through workshops, meditation or mindfulness exercises for improved mental health. You can also contact our health experts confidentially anytime by using the counselling chat we’ve set up.

Stay healthy: With Unite’s supplementary private health insurance, your next medical check-up will be a breeze. Every legally insured Unitee in Germany benefits from this extra bit of health care, and Unite takes care of your contributions.

Investing in your future self: Unite offers every employee the chance to save for retirement by offering financial contributions to a company pension scheme and other capital-building benefits.

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Language courses: English is our sync language. You’ll find almost all the information in the Unite Universe in both German and English. Join our English or German classes adapted to your language level and get ready to learn with colleagues worldwide.

Opportunities for growth: If you love change, then Unite’s the right place for you. Our continuous growth and dynamic business model yield plenty of opportunities for new challenges. As our board member Peter Ledermann puts it: go for it, you can do it!

Academy: Our in-house Academy is laser-focused on supporting your personal and professional growth. Join our online trainings, on-site team workshops or customised 1:1 sessions to find exactly what you need for your next career move.

We’re in it for the long haul: Unite started as a pioneer in Munich in 2000 (called Mercateo back then) and has since become a global player. Our successful business model and the fact that many of our colleagues have been with us for years tells you all you need to know: an exciting and long-term job opportunity awaits you at Unite.

700+ times diversity

At Unite, we firmly believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive company culture is essential to enhancing our collaborative environment and fostering innovation. As a B2B platform we have a workforce of over 700 individuals who represent a rich tapestry of identities, including but not limited to age, gender, cultural background, religion, and sexual orientation. Embracing these distinct individual attributes is the cornerstone of our collective efforts to shape a brighter future for everyone.

Watch the video to listen to what Unitees have to say.
Designer works from the beach in Portugal

Workation: working with a view

“Work before pleasure” – why not combine both and work where you’d spend your holiday? We call it workation. Portmanteau of the words ‘work’ and ‘vacation’, the workation model gives Unitees the opportunity to work abroad for several weeks while enjoying a change of scenery – whether that’s the ocean, the mountains or anything in between. Unite offers the working conditions needed on an international scale, making it easy for employees to change their location for a designated time.

Andrea from marketing jumped at the chance and worked from Portugal for 4 weeks. “When you stay in one place for a while, you get to experience that country at a much deeper level. During the day, I worked on my projects and took Teams calls. And in the evenings, I enjoyed long walks on the beach or tasted the local cuisine. I approached my time off with greater mindfulness than my routine days in Leipzig, and I’m already contemplating my next destination for work.”

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