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Press kit

Are you interested in reporting on Unite, conducting research or simply gaining a deeper understanding of what we do? Our digital press kit includes texts, images, contact details and more. We’ll provide the information you need, set up an interview or supply a relevant citation.

A smiling Unite employee holding the company logo up to a wall

Company profile

Unite is a tech company that operates a procurement platform. Our solutions and services help corporations and public sector clients optimise their procurement.

Find out more about us and our business model here:

At a glance

Facts, figures and more – everything you need to know about Unite

Company name

Unite Network SE



Founding year as Mercateo


Rebranding as Unite




Annual turnover

€440.8m (2023)

Represented countries


Number of items for sale on the Marketplace (Germany)

26m (as of February 2024)

The Unite and Mercateo company logos placed next to each other

Back to the future

In 2000, Unite’s CEO and Mercateo founder Dr Sebastian Wieser had a simple goal: to create a marketplace to revolutionise digital procurement and e-commerce. And it all started with the marketplace.

Download area

Here’s where journalists can source photo material about Unite and download it free of charge for editorial use. Please cite ‘Unite Network SE’ when crediting this material.

Unite’s logo variations

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A laptop screen displaying the Unite website

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Portraits of the Unite Executive Board members

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Photos of Unite employees for download

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Photos of the Unite headquarters for download

Click below to download images of our headquarters in Leipzig.

Three young people having a conversation

New Work at Unite

At Unite, ‘New Work’ isn’t all that new. In addition to what we do here at Unite, we’ve always cared about how we work together and the values that guide us. We want to work in a goal-oriented, efficient manner. To that end, we harness the potential of our employees and cater to their needs. Their individuality and our purpose as a company should mesh in the best way possible.

Peter Ledermann, Executive Board member at Unite

Work-life balance? Work is life, and life is work. It’s not about balancing the two but bringing them together. Our employees shouldn’t have to leave their own values at the door when they show up to work in the morning.

Peter Ledermann, Executive Board member at Unite

Flexible working models

Depending on the role, we offer different working models: mostly office-based, hybrid or remote. With this level of flexibility, work and life shouldn’t have to be a balancing act.

Meaningful work

We don’t necessarily think that everyone has to be passionate about their work. But if both the company and its people are clear about the contributions they make, that’s a good match.

Versatile office concepts

Thanks to our flexible office design, every Unitee can find the right place to work – whether that’s doing focused work, running a creative workshop or having a team day.

Flat hierarchies

We believe in making autonomous decisions. Accountability, creativity and quick decision-making processes shape what we do.

Agile organisation

Unite fosters continuous learning. As such, we design our structures and processes to cope with change.

Smart work tools

Digital tools and collaboration software help us work efficiently and overcome any physical distances.

Group photo of Unite’s Corporate Communications Team

Do you have any questions?

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