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Unite announces strong results for the financial year 2022

Unite, the trusted e-procurement platform for businesses and the public sector, reported a robust financial performance for 2022.

Leipzig, Germany, 26 April 2023: Unite, the trusted e-procurement platform for businesses and the public sector, reported a robust financial performance for 2022. Despite the persistent economic difficulties worldwide, the company, with its Mercateo Marketplace, displayed a double-digit growth rate. Unite’s yearly revenue saw a rise of 10% to reach €447.7 million, and its net revenue grew by 32%, totalling €66 million.

Commenting on the results, Unite CEO, Dr Sebastian Wieser, said, "We are thrilled to announce another successful year for Unite, with two-digit revenue and net revenue growths. Our trusted platform and marketplace, expanding network, and robust ecosystem have equipped us to handle market unpredictability and meet sustainability demands."

Leading the way in fair business conduct

In addition to its financial performance, Unite is proud to announce that it has become the first platform business to secure the Fair Tax Mark accreditation according to the Global Multinational Business Standard. The accreditation recognises the company's commitment to ethical and transparent tax practices.

Furthermore, Unite continued to build a sustainable product offering and supplier base, with sustainable catalogues from suppliers including KAISER+KRAFT and PIEL. Unite also revised the Code of Conduct for business partners to safeguard the environment and core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation as well as the principles laid out in the International Bill of Human Rights.

Customer-focused strategy

Unite is focused on fulfilling the need for compliant decentralised purchasing through its user-friendly B2B marketplace and procurement portal Mercateo. To take the customer experience to the next level, Unite has strengthened its Executive Board by appointing Christel Constant, who is responsible for marketing, sales and customer success.

The company has formed new partnerships with businesses such as Scout24, Hivebuy and Lhotse. In the public sector, Unite's Mercateo Procurement Portal is enabling the UK Government's Home Office department to implement more cost-effective procurement processes, thus facilitating efficient tail spend purchasing for one of the country's largest central government bodies.

Outlook for 2023

Unite is confident in its ability to tackle market requirements, even in the face of permacrisis, and is well prepared for the meta challenge of sustainability. The company’s outlook for 2023 is optimistic, with a continued focus on delivering sustainable solutions for its platform participants.

“Looking ahead, the impact of permacrisis is likely to be felt for years to come. Nonetheless, it has also demonstrated the global economy’s resilience and the ability of governments, businesses, and individuals to adapt and overcome challenges. We remain committed to assisting our partners as we navigate this unprecedented period together,” Dr Sebastian Wieser adds.

As another milestone in 2023, Unite plans to inaugurate its new headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, further demonstrating its commitment to growth and development in Europe.

About Unite

Unite connects the economy for sustainable business. The trusted e-procurement platform, with its integrated Mercateo Marketplace and Procurement Portal, enables effortless sourcing and purchasing for B2B and public sector organisations. Bringing buyers and suppliers together for mutual benefit, Unite has established a solid foundation of fair competition and trustworthy partnerships. The platform’s scalable infrastructure supports connections, business stability and a robust supply chain. Unite revolutionises e-commerce for B2B and the public sector by adding and sharing value for markets and communities. In 2022, Unite became the first platform business accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, representing the global standard for responsible tax practices.

Unite was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. It operates in 14 European countries, with over 700 employees working both in-office and remotely. In 2022, Unite achieved revenue of €447.7 million.

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