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Sustainability in the supply chain

Our values align with the proposed EU Supply Chain Directive (CSDDD), which aims to safeguard human rights and the environment. As a platform, we are mindful of our responsibility.

Employees walk past shelves in a warehouse

Corporate due diligence obligations

As a responsible company, we are preparing to fulfill the upcoming EU Supply Chain Directive (CSDDD) and proactively address the resulting requirements.

Operating in 12 European markets, we are also keeping an eye on related supply chain laws such in the UK and Switzerland.

Pilot project in Germany
We are currently implementing the fully automated osapiens software solution for risk analysis and assessment in Germany to meet the requirements of the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG). Standardised templates from the law firm Graf von Westphalen support legally compliant risk assessment and the efficient management of remedial and preventive measures. Following the pilot phase, the solution will be rolled out in other countries.

Quote Eva Winkler

Thanks to the trusting cooperation with osapiens, we can help to ensure that human rights risks in our supply chain are uncovered step by step and minimised in close cooperation with our suppliers.

Eva Winkler, Sustainability Product Manager at Unite

A warehouse employee inspects hardware

Taking responsibility together

Unite operates with a local supplier structure. As a European group, our national companies provide buyers with suppliers from their respective countries. This 100% European supplier base significantly reduces the risk of human rights violations in our tier-one supply chain.

Principles such as fairness and transparency are firmly anchored in the Unite guidelines. This also applies to our Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which addresses the requirements of the Supply Chain Act and whose contents must be confirmed by the suppliers of the Unite platform and the Mercateo marketplace.

At Unite, we cultivate sustainable business relationships from which all participants on our platform can benefit. And in doing so, we share responsibility.