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Unite Podcast #34: "Crisis time is procurement time"

Alejandro Basterrechea,
Head of Procurement Excellence & (Corporate) Services,
Zalando SE

“Procurement can turn a crisis into an opportunity that makes companies better after the crisis.“ Alejandro Basterrechea, Head of Procurement Excellence & (Corporate) Services at Zalando, is convinced that procurement can take on a leading role during a crisis. In the latest episode of our Unite Podcast, he speaks with us about how procurement can make a difference. When volatility has become the new normal, what are the skills and mindset that procurement professionals need to bring to the table? Find out about requirements and changes in procurement in episode 34 of the Unite Podcast.

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Sustainable procurement

Even in times of crisis, procurement needs to focus on how to become more sustainable. In our blog series, we explore the important role procurement plays in helping companies become sustainable.

Find out about Zalando’s leading sustainability efforts in their progress report.

Zalando case study

Discover in our case study how Unite’s Procurement Portal Mercateo helped Zalando optimise its indirect procurement.

Zalando’s e-procurement website

Here you’ll find all relevant information with regard to Zalando and their Supplier collaboration for indirect goods and services.

Procurement in times of volatility (German only)

How can procurement cope with volatility? What does it take for procurement professionals to become crisis and innovation managers? Find the answers in the following German articles:

Resilient procurement – this is how platforms support
How does procurement cope in a volatile world?
The new role of procurement

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