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How to access service fee data in order reports

With the extended order report, you can easily track the service fees for all your orders. Learn how to download this report and grant access to other users.


  1. Accessing the report >
  2. Analysing the service fee >
  3. Assigning permissions to users >

Accessing the report

Log in to your account, go to "My Mercateo" and click on the "Order archive" tab.

In the order archive click on "NEW extended report".

Log in to the new interface with your existing login data. Alternatively go directly to Link: and log in.

Now you can select the desired time period and file format.

Click on the ‘Download order history’ button. You’ll see a confirmation pop-up once the download is complete.

Analysing the service fee

The service fee is displayed in the report in column O as a value in your local currency. Unite charges a service fee on the net purchase price and shipping costs of the ordered items, which are displayed on 2 separate lines. If split shipping costs are in use, the service fee for the shipping costs is shown as 0 and is included in the item price.

Assigning permissions to users

Initially, only the account owner has access to the extended order report that includes service fee data.

Depending on the solution setup access can be granted to other users as follows:

Multi User Solution Setup

Grant access to other administators of your organisation by adapting their permissions.

For this go to User Management > User Settings > Rights and activate Download the order report for all orders and/or Download the order report including service fee. Now these users can view and access the extended report for all order placed within your organisation.

Punchout Solution Setup

To provide access to other users in your organisation send an email to stating your customer number and the email adresses of the respective users. Our support team will provide the required login details to these users.