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Why values matter

Values are becoming more and more important to many people, even guiding their job search. People look for companies that share their values and cultivate a positive working environment.

Unitees talking to each other

At Unite, our values – trust, sustainability and fairness – are at the core of what we stand for and what we do. Our colleagues share their stories of why they chose to work for Unite. 

Carina: “Ecological responsibility is a matter close to my heart.

Carina works for our Organisation, Learning & Culture team
Carina works for our Organisation, Learning & Culture team.

“Back in 2016, a friend suggested I apply to Unite. “They’re looking for people with your attitude and it’d be perfect for you.” When I started, I realised that I’m more than a resource: I have a lot of freedom and get to create my path. That matters a lot to me! I need to work for a company whose values align with mine.

When it comes to sustainability, Unite has once again proven to be the right choice for me. Ecological responsibility is a matter close to my heart. And it was part of my job 8 hours a day. I was convinced that my role could actively contribute to this social challenge. And that’s what I told our board.

Although Unite was already on the right track regarding social sustainability, there was room for improvement from an ecological point of view. The board agreed with me and appreciated my proactive attitude. They even encouraged me to set up a sustainability team. So I found people within the company who share that level of motivation. And that’s when the Environmental Sustainability team was born. Unite’s business model has a lot of potential to influence the market towards more sustainability, which motivates and drives me.”

Arzu: “My employer trusts me and doesn’t micro-manage.”

Arzu heads the Partner Management team at Unite
Arzu heads the Partner Management team at Unite.

What makes Unite so special to me is that we’re still familiar and friendly with one another despite the rapid growth we’ve experienced as a company. We care about each other. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like. You’re accepted for who you are. As Unitees, we know we can only make strides by working together. We don’t have the same push-and-shove mentality that I know other companies have. You’re on a first-name basis with the board from day one, which is quite unique.

We build trusting relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. This attitude is integral to our corporate culture. It’s also at the heart of what I do as head of Partner Management. The Unite Platform is a brilliant idea that enables all companies to network for mutual benefit. Integrating a third-party product into your own system requires trust. My employer trusts me and doesn’t micro-manage. That’s why I can bring a lot of personality into my work to win new partners.”

Carolin: “My employer’s values align with mine, and that matters to me.”

Carolin works in HR as a Business Partner
Carolin works in HR as a Business Partner.

“During my maternity leave, I was looking for a new employer. Unite rang a bell – I remembered that I’d collaborated with them back when they were still called Mercateo. I appreciated the friendly, same-level communication I had experienced at Unite. My contract started in the middle of the pandemic. From the get-go, I had the opportunity to supervise a whole new project. I was in charge of virtualising Teams to incorporate remote employees both inside and outside of Germany. As the world of work has changed due to Covid-19, online tools have made it possible for people to work from anywhere in the world. And that poses a great opportunity!

My job was to find qualified employees to join our IT department. I like networking with diverse cultures and conversing in English. What I particularly enjoy about my work is that we establish sustainable relationships. We treat remote employees the same as we do all other Unitees. As such, we integrate remote workers into our teams and processes. We want them to do well at Unite and nurture a long tenure with us. The fact that my work has that kind of impact makes me feel good.”

Your future with Unite

Your future with Unite

Do you love what we do at Unite and want to be a part of it? We’re always looking for committed people to join our team. Find out more about how we work at Unite.