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Unite’s Köthen office wins family-friendly company award

Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district celebrates employers with family-friendly policies and initiatives.

Unite’s  Köthen office wins family-friendly company award

Unite received the top score this year for being a ‘family-friendly’ company in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district. Our office in Köthen won big in the ‘large corporations’ category (250+ employees).   

Board member Peter Ledermann who has given a lot of care and thought to develop Unite’s corporate culture expressed his gratitude for the honour. “We are like a family, and people always come first.

So developing the right culture at work is extremely important to us. Satisfied employees are key to our company’s success. Ideally, those who join us should also want to remain with us till retirement,” he said.   

The competition, organised by the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district since 2012, aims to identify the most family-friendly companies in the region. Unite’s Köthen office has been operational for 20 years and received the top rating for 2022.  

The employees at Unite are proud to be part of an appreciative culture with an open-door policy and flat hierarchies. In addition to team sports, leisure activities, and health and pension benefits, employees enjoy numerous professional development and growth opportunities. There is excellent work-life balance thanks to flexible working hours and remote working models. The company also supports employees with children with a dedicated childcare allowance.  

Unite received the top score this year for being a ‘family-friendly’ company in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district.
Photo: Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld
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