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Unite and set to collaborate on AI

A student from is giving a presentation in Unite

Unite’s Munich office has enthusiastically embraced a new era of AI collaboration. Recently, we welcomed aspiring AI enthusiasts to mark the inception of a pioneering partnership with the student initiative. This AI incubation programme is a visionary initiative that provides a dynamic co-working environment at Unite for AI enthusiasts to immerse themselves in real-world applications and challenges. 

Quote by Rebekka Heigermoser

This inaugural meeting sets the tone for what promises to be a transformative journey for Unite and the students. The possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in AI are limitless and we're glad that Unite is supporting us on this journey.

Rebekka Heigermoser, Co-Head of Venture/AI E-Lab, at

Unite as a strategic partner

Unite is one of's four strategic partners, alongside industry giants IBM, Microsoft, TUM Venture Labs, and the applied AI community. Unite offers guidance, support, expert input, and valuable connections, nurturing future AI leaders and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for student-driven AI innovation. 

David Podolskyi, Co-President of, highlights the exponential growth of the AI student initiative; he says, “Our collaboration with Unite will help us grow even faster, promoting the initiative and accelerating the AI and entrepreneurship hub in Munich and the EU. Collaborating with the Unite community and network, and with the co-working space, gives us a platform to cooperate and invite other people to our events, such as those from entrepreneurship labs, AI academy, and more.” 

During the informal meet-and-greet session, Unite's Board members Dr Sebastian Wieser, Dr Bernd Schönwälder, and Peter Ledermann took the opportunity to share their wealth of experience and knowledge while attentively listening to the aspirations and initiatives of the young minds steering the AI incubation programme. 

Peter Ledermann, Executive Board member at Unite, underlines our commitment to fostering an environment where creativity, innovation, and mentorship thrive. He emphasises that the co-working space is more than a physical location; it symbolises the convergence of academia and industry, where the seeds of groundbreaking AI solutions are sown and nurtured. 

Unite and meeting in Munich

Co-working: student initiative and Unitees get to know each other at our Munich office steering innovation  

The student initiative was established in 2020 and boasts over 140 members. This diversity-driven, non-profit initiative collaborates with 30+ project partners, including industry leaders such as Google, AWS, Siemens, and others, offering young entrepreneurs real-world use cases, applied AI expertise, domain knowledge, and venture guidance. 

As Unite and embark on this collaborative venture, the stage is set for a transformative journey where innovation, collaboration, and the convergence of academia and industry promise to shape the future landscape of AI in Munich and beyond.