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Unite supports your career development

Humans are creatures of habit, but we also love a challenge. And that’s a good thing! Throughout the course of your career, you might like to take that next step, earn new qualifications and take on new challenges.

Unitees standing in front of a whiteboard

At Unite, we know how important it is that we give our employees this kind of opportunity. After all: why leave when good things are right in front of you? We support professional growth and encourage changing roles within the company. Applying for a new role within the company is a great way to promote both your professional and personal growth. You’ll get to master new challenges without saying goodbye to the network you’ve built, as you’ll still be connected to the company. Several Unitees have already taken this step. Let’s see what some of them have to say about their decision to change jobs within the company. 

Sandra: “My new job is versatile and challenging.”

HR admin personnel at Unite
Sandra works as an HR admin at Unite.

“I started working in Unite’s accounts receivable department in September 2014. And 5 years later, I was ready to take on a new challenge. I felt very comfortable from the get-go and appreciated Unite as an employer. I also value my colleagues and the proximity to my home and the school. Balancing my work and personal life is not an issue for me. That’s why I decided to look for opportunities within the company and found what I was looking for. After a straightforward application process, I joined the HR Admin team in August 2019. Since then, I’ve been in charge of payroll and various admin tasks. My job is versatile and challenging. As the legal framework within payroll accounting changes, we need and want to stay on top of training opportunities.”

Sven: “I keep discovering new training opportunities.”

Sven, product owner, at work at Unite
Sven, product owner at Unite.

“At Mercateo, I’ve been able to evolve and grow since I joined in 2007. I worked as a developer for many years before taking on the role of a scrum master. As a product owner, I act as a link between our stakeholders and the IT department. I empathise with both parties, translating and filtering their requirements. I still enjoy doing my own programming.

From the beginning, I could contribute my own ideas to Unite. Making contributions as an individual is not only allowed but also encouraged. Unite supports you if you believe that you have something valuable to offer.  What sets us apart is our incredible willingness to help one another. We work on solutions as a team. I can even count on my employer in my personal life: when I moved, I not only changed cities but also office locations. Not every company would accomodate that. Where you work doesn’t matter anymore. You can work from home or in a physical office space. That kind of flexibility creates new opportunities for employers and employees.”

Karsten: “I have the flexibility to change roles and take on new tasks.” 

Karsten, product manager, Unite
Karsten, product manager at Unite.

“As a product manager at Unite, I have the freedom to switch between different roles and take on new tasks. I started my career as a front-end developer before becoming a scrum master and eventually a product owner within the IT Team. In my current role as product manager, I delve deep to understand our customers’ requirements and create roadmaps aligned with our vision. 

What makes Unite so special is the creative freedom we have here. This encourages us to work on ourselves, our products and the way we work together. We learn from our mistakes, devise innovative solutions and enhance our products to meet market demands. Unite also offers excellent in-house training opportunities, such as sessions on state-of-the-art technologies and industry-specific topics. 

I get to work with talented Unitees and feel supported doing so. I also have the opportunity to continue advancing in my career. If you’re looking for a company that encourages you to develop your skills, grow your expertise in different areas and work in an inspiring environment, I highly recommend Unite.” 

Your future with Unite

Your future with Unite

Do you love what we do at Unite and want to be a part of it? We’re always looking for committed people to join our team. Find out more about how we work at Unite.