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Breaking barriers: insights from Arzu Wittmaack

On this International Women's Day, we take great pride in introducing you to Arzu Wittmaack, who heads Global Partner Management at Unite.

Arzu Wittmack is Head of Global Partner Management

In her role, Arzu spearheads the integration and expansion of our B2B solutions with third-party procurement providers, showcasing her exceptional expertise and strategic vision. With a career dating back to 2001, Arzu has cultivated a wealth of experience, honing her skills in diverse industries such as wholesale retail and challenging terrains such as the trucking business. Her remarkable career trajectory brought her to Unite in 2018 and the procurement business in the B2B industry.

Arzu’s trailblazing spirit and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration to all the phenomenal people who stay true to their goals and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Arzu Wittmaack Head of Global Partner Management at Unite at work
Unite's Head of Global Partner Management meets with colleagues.

Can you share with us a bit about your background and how you entered your current field of work?

My background is predominantly influenced by positions within the B2B and commerce industry: I started my working life with a “classical” apprenticeship, which was followed by a degree in Business Administration and several Business Development positions in Germany and abroad. Eventually, I also became a certified Automotive Sales Manager, selling used trucks for a while.

I have entered my current field of work because I wanted to strategically change my focus from the “analogue” side to the digital world of commerce. Unite as a company met all my requirements for my personal development goals by being digital, innovative, start-up-like (flat hierarchy), and international.

What are some of the highlights of your career journey so far?

My current job as Head of Global Partner Management tops the list of my proudest achievements. Pursuing my goal to work for a digital company, I might have underestimated its vastness but came to appreciate its depth, opportunities, and profoundness.

Another highlight was the six years I lived, worked, and studied abroad.

Asia profoundly influenced my management style as I was able to work in a melting pot of professionals from the Asia-Pacific region. I collaborated with colleagues from 10 different markets, each distinct in culture, communication, and perspective. It was an invaluable start to my managerial career.

Arzu Wittmaack Unite's head of Global Partner Management interacts with her collegues at a procurement event
Arzu Wittmaack at a B2B e-procurement event.

In your opinion, what are some of the unique contributions that women bring to the workplace?

I believe we’ve entered an era where we can’t imagine a workplace without female, diverse, or male individuals anymore. Unique pioneers among all genders should be celebrated for paving the way for so many others.

As women, we are often characterised by our tendencies towards emotional expression, collaborative communication styles, and societal roles emphasising caregiving and nurturing.

I find nothing wrong with that because, at the same time, we’ve also been described as versatile, strong-willed, and exceptionally well-equipped with endurance, bringing a uniqueness to the workplace. I am highly convinced, that no one wants to miss out on us anymore.