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Unite joins Coupa Advantage with its Mercateo B2B Marketplace

Coupa customers can access Mercateo's B2B assortment comprising hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers in 12 European countries.

Unite joins Coupa Advantage with its Mercateo B2B Marketplace

Unite, with its integrated Mercateo B2B Marketplace, has entered into an agreement with Coupa, a leader in Business Spend Management (BSM), to join Coupa Advantage. Unite’s B2B Marketplace, Mercateo, will be connected via punchout to the Coupa platform, as part of the agreement.

Coupa Advantage leverages the power of the community to deliver savings and efficiency opportunities to Coupa customers. As part of the programme, Unite will connect Coupa customers to high-quality pre-vetted suppliers on the Mercateo B2B Marketplace. Unite’s integrated e-procurement platform offers Coupa customers access to Europe’s largest indirect B2B assortment of 50 million products from over 1,500 suppliers in 12 countries.

In addition, Mercateo’s basket optimisation feature helps end users select a cheaper price, faster delivery time, or a lower number of partial deliveries, all depending on their priorities. Mercateo’s assortment – everything from computers to medical equipment – is immediately available and minimises maverick spending.

Coupa Advantage harnesses the power of more than $4 trillion (€ 3.75 trillion) of Coupa community spend for optimised procurement and strategic sourcing across a trusted network of vetted suppliers. The programme connects customers and suppliers to simplify the buying, selling, and sourcing processes. It leverages the Coupa community’s scale and collective buying power to offer customers greater discounts, preferred terms, and streamlined supplier onboarding.

“Given the current market challenges, the need for problem solving is imperative,” said Prashanth Ravishankar, Vice President, Coupa Advantage at Coupa. “We’re proud to have Unite as part of Coupa Advantage, which will no doubt benefit customers and also address their pain points.”

“Connecting Unite’s Mercateo B2B Marketplace with the Coupa BSM platform will provide customers with access to a one-stop shop for procurement matters,” said Christel Constant, Unite Executive Board member. “We’re excited to be part of Coupa Advantage as a trusted supplier partner. We look forward to our relationship with Coupa to further help customers gain best-in-class pricing and assortment.”

For more information on Unite’s Mercateo B2B Marketplace visit:

About Unite  

Unite connects the economy for sustainable business. The trusted e-procurement platform, with its integrated Mercateo B2B Marketplace, enables effortless sourcing and purchasing for businesses and public sector organisations. In 2022, Unite became the first platform business accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, representing the global standard for responsible tax practices. For more information, visit 

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