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Mercateo becomes Unite: B2B platform repositions itself

Leipzig, Germany, 13 January 2022: the Mercateo Group merges its two lines of business – the Mercateo B2B marketplace and the Unite Network – under one new brand, Unite.

The Unite B2B platform brings buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit. Based on more than 20 years of e-procurement and networking expertise, Unite will provide a more coherent brand experience for its users. Following the repositioning, founder Sebastian Wieser will head the Unite Network SE as newly appointed Chairman of the Executive Board.

Adding value to business relationships and encouraging collaboration

The new Unite brand reflects the company’s understanding that a B2B platform should add value and encourage others to share it, enabling linear businesses to collaborate and become more circular. Unite’s scalable infrastructure facilitates the evolution of enduring relationships, supporting business continuity. Its ever-expanding ecosystem covers buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, technology partners and trade associations.

“The name Unite represents our great vision of a B2B platform focused on sustainable business relationships,” explains company founder Sebastian Wieser. “I never imagined our company would grow this much over the past two decades. As the Unite Network has developed alongside our platform solutions, we have outgrown the sole B2B marketplace positioning of Mercateo. That’s why we’ve decided to integrate the marketplace as part of the Unite platform. This will allow us to communicate our added value more clearly.”

Company founder appointed Chairman of the Executive Board

Unite’s strategic centralisation of activities is also reflected in restructuring the Executive Board. For more than five years, the company has been jointly led by Sebastian Wieser, Peter Ledermann and Bernd Schönwälder. Wieser has now been appointed Chairman and will take on the role of CEO.

“The path to our new business model took years and now, we’re finally able to respond to increasingly dynamic scaling demands,” says Wieser, “I’m delighted about the trust placed in me by the Supervisory Board and my two fellow Executive Board members and I look forward to the opportunity to help shape Unite’s next big steps.”

European entity implemented as new legal form

Previously organised as a German Stock Corporation, the Unite Network AG, was transformed into Unite Network SE, a European Stock Corporation. The company’s registered headquarters remain in Leipzig, Germany. The newest international subsidiary, Unite Financial Services EU AS in Estonia, was added to the company at the end of 2021. Estonia becomes the 15th country where Unite operates.

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