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Cloud-based procurement solution by Onventis and Unite

Pre-integrating the Mercateo Marketplace from Unite gives Onventis customers instant access to millions of products in 12 European markets.

Onventis, the leading-edge provider of source-to-pay solutions, has entered a partnership with Unite, Europe’s trusted B2B platform. Within the collaboration framework, Onventis provides Unite’s Mercateo Marketplace offering as pre-integrated assortment of B2B products through its source-to-pay suite. 

The integration into the overall search functionality of Onventis is based on Unite’s dynamic and flexible search solution, giving Onventis customers instant and seamless access to a large B2B assortment of 100 million products from over 1,500 suppliers in 12 countries. This vast assortment covers a broad range of catalogue-based items, including office and IT supplies, specialised maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products, medical equipment, and more. Immediate access to this extensive selection reduces time and effort for procurement professionals, thereby minimising process costs for businesses.

Further benefits of the solution partnership  

Unite’s Single Creditor solution allows Onventis customers to further simplify their invoice and payment processing and streamline their indirect procurement. They can quickly and easily place individual and special orders in a central procurement solution. If their requirements are not pre-negotiated, they are processed through the pre-integrated marketplace, leading to maximum long-tail efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced procurement efforts. Moreover, Onventis’ spot buy technology helps procure non-strategic requisitions quickly and easily while complying with procurement guidelines. 

In addition, procurement teams benefit from a seamless shopping experience with pre-vetted, local marketplace suppliers and product ranges. Buyers can search for relevant products within their familiar user interface and procurement system and handle internal approval and ordering processes holistically in just a few steps. The solution partnership of Onventis and Unite offers great potential for suppliers, too. Those who place their product range on Unite’s B2B platform can be found by purchasing teams across Europe and integrated into the Onventis source-to-pay process. 

A milestone for Onventis and Unite 

Onventis CSO Benjamin Fritz said about the partnership: "We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Unite, marking a significant milestone in simplifying the procurement process. This is not just a collaboration; it's a promise to amplify the value we deliver to our customers. Through this close collaboration, we have successfully integrated Unite, ensuring a seamless and efficient offering ready for our customers. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing a best-in-class user experience and transformation in the way products are purchased.” 

Peter Stenov, Vice President of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships at Unite, added: “We’re very excited about the partnership with Onventis. Together, we can streamline the procurement for businesses and provide them instant access to large assortments that meet their industry-specific needs. We’re looking forward to making our marketplace offering from local European suppliers accessible to an even larger customer base.” 

Further information

Partner page Onventis

Partner page Unite

About Onventis 

Onventis has been a cloud pioneer for digital transformation of purchasing and finance processes since 2000. The cloud-based software Onventis Buyer is an all-in-one procurement system that helps companies to manage their business spend in order to achieve financial control, efficiency, compliance and cost savings. It streamlines and automates all processes from source to pay including network collaboration with suppliers. The Onventis Network connects business processes for buyers and suppliers, simply and securely. Worldwide, over 1,000 companies with approx. 800,000 users in the Onventis network handle an annual business volume of over 15 billion euros with 280,000 suppliers.

About Unite

Unite connects the economy for sustainable business. The trusted platform, with its integrated Mercateo Marketplace and Procurement Portal, enables effortless sourcing and purchasing for B2B and public sector organisations. Bringing buyers and suppliers together for mutual benefit, Unite has established a solid foundation of fair competition and trustworthy partnerships. The platform’s scalable infrastructure supports connections, business stability and a robust supply chain. Unite revolutionises e-commerce for B2B and the public sector by adding and sharing value for markets and communities. In 2022, Unite became the first platform business accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, representing the global standard for responsible tax practices. For more information, visit

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Download press release

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Download Photo Onventis and Unite

Photo: Nils Günther-Alavanja

Download Photo Peter Stenov and Benjamin Fritz

Download Photo Peter Stenov and Benjamin Fritz

Photo: Nils Günther-Alavanja

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