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Our solution partner Onventis

By integrating our Mercateo Marketplace into its source-to-pay suite, Onventis gives its customers instant access to millions of products in 12 European markets.

Employees of Onventis and Unite pose for a group photo.
Logo of Onventis.

Cloud-based procurement solution

Onventis has been a cloud pioneer for digital transformation of purchasing and finance processes since 2000. The cloud-based software Onventis Buyer is an all-in-one procurement system that helps companies to manage their business spend in order to achieve financial control, efficiency, compliance and cost savings. It streamlines and automates all processes from source to pay including network collaboration with suppliers. The Onventis Network connects business processes for buyers and suppliers, simply and securely. Worldwide, over 1,000 companies with approx. 800,000 users in the Onventis network handle an annual business volume of over 15 billion euros with 280,000 suppliers.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Unite, marking a significant milestone in simplifying the procurement process. This is not just a collaboration; it's a promise to amplify the value we deliver to our customers.

Benjamin Fritz, CSO, Onventis

Employees of Unite and Onventis in dialogue.

Instant access to 50 million products

The integration into the overall search functionality of Onventis is based on Unite’s dynamic and flexible search solution, giving Onventis customers instant and seamless access to a large B2B assortment of 50 million products from over 1,500 suppliers in 12 countries. This vast assortment covers a broad range of catalogue-based items, including office and IT supplies, specialised maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products, medical equipment, and more. Immediate access to this extensive selection reduces time and effort for procurement professionals, thereby minimising process costs for businesses.

We’re very excited about the partnership with Onventis. Together, we can streamline the procurement for businesses and provide them instant access to large assortments that meet their industry-specific needs.

Peter Stenov, Vice President of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships at Unite

How customers benefit

There are huge benefits for the customers on both sides. Benjamin Fritz, Chief Sales Officer at Onventis, and Peter Stenov, Vice President of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships at Unite, are explaning which advantages are available for buyers and why the companies have chosen eachother.

Why did you choose Unite, Benjamin Fritz?

"Our decision was driven by its unique advantages. We already implemented Unite for numerous customers, so it’s not new but we now really want to accelerate our partnership and this is important because currently the procurement challenges in the market due to critical supply chains further underscore the need for this partnership. We aim to empower our customers to use Onventis for strategic issues well automating procurement and operational things. So Unite is therefore the ideal partner for this venture."

Why did you choose Onventis, Peter Stenov?

"Onventis is the rising star in Europe. They are giving us access to a lot of clients. They have 1,000 companies in the portfolio with more than in 800,000 users. And that collaboration, we can deliver a lot of value to now some joint clients with our portfolio of our Mercateo marketplace where we have more than 50 million items that we are making transparent and visible for all the users to be utilised in the procurement strategy."

How do Onventis customers benefit from the partnership, Benjamin Fritz?

"Well, it's all about context relevant processes and content relevant requirements and by using the Onventis platform, our customers can digitize the processes and address strategic procurement oriented tasks. As we now integrated Unite via an API directly in our procurement processes our customer can even enhanced these processes. So allied with corporate guidelines they can benefit from both from Onventis and Unite without any disruptions."

How do Unite customers benefit from the partnership, Peter Stenov?

"We already in the process of giving a lot of benefits to our clients and we see the benefits already rolling out through the joint clients we're having. In our Mercateo marketplace, we have more than 50,000,000 items that we are providing to the Onventis clients. Onventis have more than 800,000 users that suddenly can use all our product range and be able to utilise our platform and that's a huge benefit for all the Onventis client. It's going to give them transparency in their in their procurement and going to give them a range variety of products they can choose from that they couldn't do before. ..."

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The team from Onventis and Unite, who jointly realised the partnership.

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