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    The minds behind Unite

    Unite is a trademark of the Mercateo Group. The neutral B2B network was founded in 2017 and is based on almost 20 years of experience in e-commerce with the B2B procurement platform Via regular communication with partners, colleagues and customers, we have learned precisely what kind of digital support is really needed by companies in the European Economic Area with regard to procurement and sales processes in B2B: Unite.

    Keyvisual | Single Creditor
    Keyvisual: Marken-BusinessShop

    Single Creditor Model: Designing diversity simply

    With the single creditor model offered by Mercateo Unite, you maintain only one vendor in your system – regardless of the number of vendors you work with.

    Manufacturers, specialist retailers and purchasers. One solution for all.

    The Brand BusinessShop on Mercateo Unite allows manufacturers and specialist retailers to digitalise their business relationships and thus meet customer requirements for a digital process.

    Expert opinions – Pressure to innovate in B2B trade


    keyvisual interview-tony-alvarez

    „Enable suppliers, that suit your needs for your procurement network.“

    Tony Alvarez,


    Keyvisual: Klaus Pause

    „We need tools that enable, not eliminate, relationship building.“

    Klaus Pause,
    Technical University Nürnberg and Quadriga University Berlin


    Keyvisual: Dr. Christoph Feldmann

    „Purchasing 4.0 and new business models make networking a must.“

    Dr. Christoph Feldmann,
    Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft und Einkauf e.V. (BME)