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Promote your BusinessShop to your customers

Networks live by participation.
Invite your customers to activate your BusinessShop. And tell your sales team about their news sales opportunities on Unite.
We’ll show you how easy it is.

Celebrate your BusinessShop going live

Of course, you’ll want to tell your existing customers about your BusinessShop and use events, trade fairs and meetings with prospects to promote it to new customers. Make it easy for them to connect to your BusinessShop by creating a ‘Short URL’ to your Landing page and integrating it into your sales processes. Show your sales and marketing teams how to use Unite to maximise these new sales opportunities.

Use our marketing tools to engage customers


Invite your customers to your BusinessShop


Use our customisable handout to inform your customers


Use our customisable banners to promote your BusinessShop


Use our customisable mailings to tell people about your BusinessShop

Actively invite your customers

Once your BusinessShop is live, you can start telling your customers about your latest offers. Invite them to Unite by simply clicking the ‘invite customers’ button on the ‘App Management’ page. Our pre-formatted e-mail will help you find the right words.

Support your sales team with a handout

Does your sales team have strong customer relationships? Help them maximise this opportunity by using our template to create a handout, customised with your logo, showing how easy it is to activate your BusinessShop. You can print these for events or email them to your customers.

Use web banners to raise awareness

Promote your BusinessShop direct to customers by putting banners on your website or social media. Choose from our range of banners. Either download ready-made banners or use the PDF template to customise them with your logo.

You can find detailed instructions here.

Engage your customers with a mailing

Use our mailing template (as a Word or Outlook file) to tell your customers about your BusinessShop. Personalise the template to target new customers or re-engage with customers who have stopped buying your products.

Remember: Involve your colleagues for success

You can give all your team ‘user rights’ on Unite. Just go to ‘Account Management’, click ‘Users’ and add relevant people. Remember to click ‘Settings’ to manage their ‘user rights’ (e.g. whether they can manage your BusinessShop, change information, manage customer contracts or manage your Unite account users).

Have you already received a customer request?

Let us show you how to set up customer accounts and nurture your customer relationships. Learn more about managing your customers here.

Still have questions?

If you need more information or assistance, please contact our team, who will be happy to answer all your questions: