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Manage your customers on Unite​

Congratulations: customers are interested in your BusinessShop. Now you can connect with them, manage their data and nurture your relationship with your customers.

How to manage customers


Receive request

Customer wants to activate your BusinessShop



Check customer details



Set up customer account and pass details on to Sales



Nurture the relationship with your customers

Step 1

Receive request

Customer wants to activate your BusinessShop

If you set up your BusinessShop with automatic approval, your customer can start buying immediately. If you chose to manually accept customer requests, you will have to activate each one individually.

Please note:
Unite recommends processing every customer request within 24-hours, to ensure a quick buying process and to demonstrate your high-quality service.

Step 2


Check customer details

Unite will email you the following information about your customer:

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • Telephone number
  • Office address
  • Email address

Search your ERP system:
Are they an existing customer or are they new?

  • Which prices are set for them in your ERP system?
  • Are these prices up to date?
  • Search for additional customer data (e.g. company size, turnover).
  • Do a background check.

Please note:
If you chose Order Forwarding as transaction process, we suggest you consider a credit check too.

Step 3


Set up customer information in Unite and approve request, if necessary.

If the customer has any open questions, please contact them to resolve them as soon as possible (also see Step 4).

Create a new customer number in Unite or use your existing customer ID:

  • Go to ‘Contract management’ in Unite
  • Click on ‘Contracts with customers’
  • Click on ‘Details’ of the customer you want to edit
  • If a customer number is already assigned, you can edit it or you can add a new number.

Approve the activation request (if you have chosen manual approval).

Unite Sell Direct Way

Step 4


Call your customer to find out about their needs:

  • Introduce your business
  • Discuss their requirements
  • Present new products, assortment additions or special offers
  • Outline your services and support
  • Introduce relevant contact people
  • You can also assign individual prices to them

Still have questions?

If you need more information or assistance, please contact our team, who will be happy to answer all your questions: