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Translator from German & English into Hungarian

Paris (FR), London (GB), Madrid (ES), Global, Remote, Bologna (IT), Zürich (CH), Cardiff (GB), Vienna (AT), Valencia (ES), Maastricht (NL), Budapest (HU)
Permanent position, Freelancer

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We’re looking for an enthusiastic and highly collaborative translator, with experience translating from English and German into Hungarian.

You’ll work within our in-house translation team, and closely with our regional marketing manager helping shape our language through translation and localisation to ensure our content represents the Unite brand perfectly in the Hungarian market.

This is a remote position for somebody based in Europe, working within our in-house translation team on a part-time basis (15 hours a week). Choose between two contract types: a permanent contract or freelance contract – you can decide which fits you best.

The role in brief

  • Translate and localise a wide range of content from English and German into Hungarian, including (but not limited to) blog posts, landing pages, press releases user interface text, customer service emails and support pages
  • Create and maintain linguistic assets (term bases, style guides, translation memories, reference materials) for Hungarian in collaboration with the central localisation team and regional team
  • Be responsible for all linguistic aspects, elements and decisions for Hungarian in collaboration with the local marketing manager
  • Review content already written in Hungarian to ensure language quality and consistency
  • Research and approve keywords for Hungarian and ensure that web content is optimised for SEO

Your qualifications

  • Language skills: A native speaker of Hungarian and an advanced level of German and English
  • Experience: A degree in translation or related field, plus work experience in translating and localising a wide range of content
  • Further skills: Professional use of CAT tools and experience in managing glossaries and style guides
  • Hit the right note: The ability to understand our brand values and audience and to translate them into the specific characteristics of the Hungarian market
  • Good to have: An understanding of basic SEO concepts and UX writing concepts (writing for user interfaces and support pages)

Interested? Then apply directly.

What you can expect

  • We offer a flexible work location: You can work in one of our modern Unite offices or remotely – or even do a mix of both
  • We think long-term: That’s why we are great believers in offering creative freedom – you’ll also get access to our Academy training to grow your career
  • We offer workations for new possibilities: You can work abroad for up to 2 months, which is a great way to extend your time away or visit your family and friends in other countries
  • We operate at eye level: Join our fair corporate culture and work with an exciting, supportive and multicultural team
  • We care about work-life balance: We offer a part-time, freelance position (between 15 hours a week) so you can strike a good balance between your work and personal life

We are Unite.

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HR Business Partner | Human Resources
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