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Senior DevOps Engineer

Lower Saxony (DE), Baden-Wuerttemberg (DE), Bavaria (DE), Bolzana (IT), Krakow (PL), London (GB), Berlin (DE), North Rhine-Westphalia (DE), Madrid (ES), Baden-Baden (DE), Köthen (DE), Leipzig (DE), Munich (DE), Remote, Bologna (IT), Cardiff (GB), Valencia (ES), Maastricht (NL), Budapest (HU), Germany
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Are you an infrastructure guru looking to make a big impact? Have you managed event streams, topic partitioning, and brokers efficiently at scale? Do you know service meshes, autoscaling, and resource quotas inside and out?

We're searching for a motivated and experienced DevOps Engineer to kick start our team responsible for developing Unite's hybrid application and data platforms. You'll work closely with our IT Admins, Software Engineers, and IT Management team to harmonize and modernize our infrastructure and build a first-class developer experience. If you have experience working with Kafka and operating Kubernetes in both cloud (AWS) and self-hosted infrastructure, are familiar with related technologies like Helm, Istio, and Envoy, and are looking for a challenging role in a supportive company, then we would like to talk with you!

Your role

  • Accelerate delivery: You'll spearhead the design and implementation of a cutting-edge cloud-native application platform based on K8s, Kafka, and more
  • Cross-functional collaboration: You'll enable our Software Engineers to deliver reliable, scalable solutions and work in close cooperation with diverse software, data, and integration teams
  • Service orientation: You'll provide a compelling internal "product" and create a developer experience that incorporates feedback and drives adoption and evolution of the platform
  • Shape our infrastructure landscape: You'll provide architectural guidance, define best practices, and share your expertise openly within our engineering organization
  • Craftsmanship: You'll foster a security-first mindset and ensure robust and maintainable solutions

Your qualifications

  • Strong background: You have 5+ years' experience operating containerized applications, container orchestration infrastructure, and messaging systems in hybrid cloud environments
  • Hands on experience: You have been part of cloud migration or containerization initiatives and have experience with event-driven software architectures and a diverse range of CNCF projects
  • Ownership: You're proficient with DevOps tools and practices and in supporting the operation of highly-available web services
  • Self-motivated: You're goal-oriented and driven; you can work independently and manage your time effectively across multiple competing projects
  • Be on the pulse: You're committed to continuous learning and knowledge sharing; you keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies

Interested? Then apply directly.

What you can expect from us

  • Be a part of our agile working style: Our open communication and quick decision-making processes allow our Scrum teams to work autonomously for the most part
  • We offer a flexible work location: You can work in one of our modern Unite offices or remotely – or even do a mix of both
  • Be an early bird or a night owl: You know when you do your best work – all we ask is that you check in with your team to coordinate your schedules and routines
  • We offer workations for new possibilities: You can work abroad for up to 2 months, which is a great way to extend your time away or visit your family and friends in other countries
  • Enjoy our Unite culture: We invite you to be yourself, join our table tennis league or online games and have fun
  • We think long-term: That’s why we are great believers in offering creative freedom – you’ll also get access to Udemy, Gartner and our internal learning platform to grow your career

We are Unite.

We connect the economy for sustainable business. Our trusted e-procurement platform, with its integrated Mercateo Marketplace and Procurement Portal, enables effortless sourcing and purchasing for B2B and public sector organisations. Bringing buyers and suppliers together for mutual benefit, we've established a solid foundation of fair competition and trustworthy partnerships. Our platform’s scalable infrastructure supports connections, business stability and a robust supply chain. We revolutionise e-commerce for B2B and the public sector by adding and sharing value for markets and communities.

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We founded our company in 2000 and our headquarters is located in Leipzig, Germany. We operate in 12 European countries, with over 700 employees working both in-office and remotely. In 2023, we achieved revenue of €440.8 million. For more information, visit

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