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Image of a chemical factory Image of a chemical factory

Unite for Chemicals

Unite for the Chemical Industry

Navigating the intricacies of procurement, from securing specific quantities of raw materials to cost efficiency amid a shifting supply chain landscape, is crucial for chemical businesses, especially with regulatory considerations. Discover how Unite can help you confidently and seamlessly acquire what your business needs to succeed.

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Why Unite is the perfect pairing for your procurement processes

In the chemical sector, where purchasing often accounts for up to 80% of sales revenue, efficiency in procurement is crucial. Our platform supports the complexities of chemical manufacturing with its ever shorter innovation cycles, volatile market conditions, supply chain disruptions, cost pressure and the need to adapt to regulatory changes.

With over 20 years’ experience working with some of Europe’s leading chemical businesses and suppliers, we help you optimise procurement with solutions that enhance transparency, supply chain flexibility, control costs, and support sustainable practices, enabling you to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Why chemical companies are switching to Unite

Process efficiency made easy

Benefit from a flexible and scalable centralised procurement solution that integrates with ease and works across every department and location – in the factory and in the office. Empower your people while staying in control and impacting your spend.

Supply chains you can see through

With regulations to meet and standards to uphold, supply chain transparency is paramount. With Unite, all your catalogues and orders are in one place, helping you build a more resilient supply chain that supports your ESG goals.

All the assortment you need

We know you have different requirements to fulfil, from strategic and critical commodities to tail end purchasing. Our diverse assortment is designed to meet your industry’s wide-ranging needs. And our vetted supplier network means quality assurance is built right in.

More for your money

Beat your budget and reduce administration costs thanks to smart saving features like bulk purchasing options for the quantities you need, automated processes, less maverick buying and the ease of just one creditor.

Features worth experimenting with

So many suppliers, just one vendor

With its integrated Marketplace and Network supplier catalogues added, Unite gives you a wide product choice from suppliers you can trust, including local businesses. It’s compliant purchasing in a single-vendor solution.

Harmonious catalogue hosting

You can bring all your framework agreements and supplier catalogues together in one place, helping you benchmark prices, negotiate contracts and get the best deals for your business.

Access for everyone

You can connect all your locations to the same procurement solution, either through your ERP system or the web. It makes access simple, whether your people are working in the lab, the factory or from their home office.

Smart Basket for the best choice

Our powerful basket optimisation tool offers up combos of best price, delivery time and number of deliveries, so you can always choose wisely.

One creditor, no compromise

No matter how many of our pre-vetted suppliers your people shop from, you only deal with one, Unite. That means flexible tax-compliant payment options and an efficient P2P process.

Search results to suit your strategy

Cross-catalogue search, smart filters and own views help people find what they need – and what you want them to find – while keeping on top of sustainability and meeting your metrics.

Illustration of multiple logos from partners that shows the connection with Unite

Make the connection – your system, our solution

Integrate Unite with your system using Punchout and API

Want to use your own ERP or e-procurement system and still benefit from a fully electronic and uniform purchasing process with Unite? You can! Using Punchout OCI or cXML, and API, Unite can connect to over 40 systems. What’s more, you can build your supplier network and take it with you if you switch.

No procurement system? No problem. You can make the most of Unite using our web-based option.

All the right ingredients for your business

With over 50 million items from 1,500 suppliers, you’ll find everything you need to set your chemical business up for success, including:

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Occupational safety

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Computers and accessories

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