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Zwei Männer in Arbeitsschutzkleidung, die eine Maschine warten. Zwei Männer in Arbeitsschutzkleidung, die eine Maschine warten.

Unite for Mechanical Engineering

Unite for Mechanical Engineering

Find out how our procurement solution can help you save time, cut costs and bring transparency to your team. And with over 50 million items from 1,500 suppliers, you can keep your people happy and supply disruption to a minimum.

Join more than 150,000 B2B customers that already use Unite.

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Procurement, reengineered

Why efficient procurement matters in mechanical engineering

Purchasing is at the heart of your sector and responsible for around 50 percent of your spend. Without in time supplies, your people can’t do their jobs. But with fewer skilled procurement professionals, you need reliable, digital solutions to pick up the slack.

Unite makes that possible, ensuring efficiency and giving you the transparency and control you need to keep track and stay strategic on your way to industry 4.0.

Step up your purchasing system

Perfectly oiled procurement

Search, select, order, pay – get ready for a precise process you can count on. Unite reduces maverick buying and gives you essential transparency over your spend.

Less time, more savings

Smart shopping features, like basket optimisation, help you save every time you shop. What’s more, you can get started for absolutely nothing with Unite’s web solution.

Secure your supply chain

With 50 million items and hundreds of verified suppliers, Unite makes resilience a reality. Plus, you can integrate your own suppliers and conditions to suit your processes.

Complete control without compromise

Your employees get all the choice they need, while you stay in charge of user rights. And no matter how many suppliers they shop from, you only deal with one creditor.

Ralph Ulmer, Head of Corporate Purchasing and Executive Vice President, HOERBIGER Germany in a Plus graphic

Our employees can now make their own purchases through the digital approval workflow. But we still have full control and transparency of who orders what within the company.

Ralph Ulmer, Head of Corporate Purchasing and Executive Vice President, HOERBIGER Germany

Flawless functions for every step

Find it, fast

Our cross-catalogue search and intuitive filters help your users find the right product in seconds.

Map and manage users

Plot your purchasing hierarchy, assign user rights and set order limits with seamless user management.

Make the best choice

Basket optimisation offers up combinations of best price, delivery time and number of deliveries.

Set the payment standard

Your accounting team will be more efficient because of standardised billing, e-invoicing and just a single creditor.

Two ways to get started

Use the free web version

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have direct access to Unite’s range of products and smart shopping functions.

Link to our purchasing system

Why not integrate Unite with your purchasing system? Fill your basket on Unite, and we’ll transfer the data.

Everything you need in one place

With over 50 million items, you’ll find everything you need to set your mechanical engineering business up for success, including:

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Computers & accessories

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Professional Tools

Get started in just two minutes

With Unite, it’s easy to deliver on your procurement strategy, and transforming the way your people purchase.

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