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Tech and talent: what women want in IT

Continuous learning, curiosity, and networking are effective strategies for women's success in IT at Unite.

Tech and talent: what women want in IT

On 23 March 2023, Lancaster University Leipzig hosted an event titled ‘diversIT: Women in IT’, with the objective to highlight the importance of women in the IT industry and explore ways to improve their participation.

The event featured presentations by experts in the field, including Eileen Walther’s talk on the best of 15 years of Cyber Underground Stories, Dr. Amna Asif’s Tech Briefing on AI, Saskia Bader's lessons learned for diversity in tech, and Carolin Fischer's and Amruta Pallewar's insights on Tech Recruitment at Unite.

The event addressed the challenges women face in the IT industry. For example, one of the discussions was how to motivate more girls to study computer science and similar fields and the role of organisations like Cluster IT Mitteldeutschland (central German IT industry network) in supporting women in IT, promoting them to leadership roles, and creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Shedding light on our company, Carolin, HR Business Partner, shared, “Unite comprises over 700 employees, of whom 54% are women, and 44% of these women hold key leadership roles. It’s our constant endeavour to increase the presence of women in IT. Of the 153 IT personnel at Unite, 17% are women.” 

Christel Constant

Women in IT at Unite

In a video statement at the event, Christel Constant, member of the Unite Executive Board, emphasised the critical role of IT in delivering products that cater to the customers' needs and create a positive customer experience.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the effective strategies for women’s success in IT. The attendees agreed in unison that continuous learning, curiosity, networking, and attending meetups and events to showcase accomplishments are effective strategies for success for women in IT.

Voices from Unite

Mireya  Scheidegger, Software Engineer / SAP

Mireya Scheidegger, Software Engineer / SAP: “Having more women in IT can help build diverse teams, which is crucial for the success of any organisation.”

Claudia Brückner, Scrum Master

Claudia Brückner, Scrum Master: “The question should not be why, as a woman, I should not work in IT. There is simply nothing to argue against it.”

Elvira Hellenpart, UX Designer

Elvira Hellenpart, UX Designer: “As a UX designer, I feel empowered to make a difference and help companies to understand the importance of human-centred thinking.”

Sana Majeed, Network Administrator

Sana Majeed, Network Administrator: “The job description was precise and clear, and it aligned well with my skill set. And the fact Unite dedicates 10% of employees' time to personal development and learning was perfect.”

Olga  Goda, Data Analyst

Olga Goda, Data Analyst: “I like my job, I enjoy what I do, and I am very grateful for it. I also believe that by being a woman in IT, I can, to a certain degree, encourage younger generation to explore the IT sector, and stand against the preconceived notion of jobs associated with gender roles.”

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