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Commissionaire Model: Service Description

The Commissionaire Model is a transaction service of Unite Network SE where orders are conducted via
a Commissionaire. The Commissionaire becomes the Buyer´s contractual partner for orders placed via Unite in the respective Contract Territory for goods and/or services offered in the Provider’s Unite BusinessShop.

In this model, the Provider assumes the role of the Principal. In the relationship with the Buyer,
the Commissionaire assumes the role of the Provider. The Commissionaire acts in its own name and for
the account of the Provider.

1 Services of Unite Network SE

1.1 The services of Unite Network SE in the Commissionaire Model are set out in the product information regarding the Commissionaire Model as amended (available at https://unite.eu/en-global/transaction-models-product-description).

2 Involvement of a commissionaire

2.1 The Commissionaire Model can only be applied once the attached Commissionaire Agreement has been concluded between the Provider (as principal) and the Commissionaire.

2.2 The attached Commissionaire Agreement is concluded between the Provider and the Commissionaire
as follows:

  1. By accepting this Service Description, the Provider submits a binding offer to the Commissionaire
    to conclude the enclosed Commissionaire Agreement.

  2. The Provider authorises Unite Network SE to forward the Provider’s declaration of intent to conclude
    the Commissionaire Agreement to the Commissionaire.

  3. The Commissionaire Agreement is concluded when Unite Network SE makes the
    Provider’s offer of transacting under the Commissionaire Model ready to use for Customers of this Provider through Unite, with the reference to the Commissionaire.

3 Contract terms; ranking order of contract terms

The contractual relationship between Unite Network SE, the Commissionaire and the Provider is governed by the following conditions of contract in the order of priority stated below. All previous agreements between
the Parties and the Commissionaire regarding the subject of this service description are replaced by
the conditions of contract listed below. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the conditions take precedence in accordance with the following ranking order, where 1 takes precedence over 2 and so on. Terms not defined in this Service Description shall have the meaning assigned to them in Unite’s General Contractual Conditions for Providers and in the Unite Terms of Use.

  1. Commissionaire Model: Service Description (this document);

  2. Commissionaire Agreement between the Commissionaire and the Provider as amended (available at https://unite.eu/en-global/commissionaire-contract);

  3. Product information regarding the Commissionaire Model as amended (available at https://unite.eu/en-global/transaction-models-product-description);

  4. Unite’s General Contractual Conditions for Providers as amended (available at https://unite.eu/en-global/terms-vendor-unite);

  5. Unite Terms of Use as amended (available at https://unite.eu/en-global/terms-of-use);

  6. The Code of Conduct for our business partners as amended, which describes the main principles which the Provider and Unite Network SE, aware of their responsibility for people, society and the environment, consider as a yardstick for business activities and mutually regard as minimum requirements
    (posted at https://unite.eu/en-global/unite-coc).

For information on the type and scope of processing of personal data, Unite Network SE refers to https://unite.eu/en-global/privacy.

Last updated: 04/2022