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Unitees on a health mission in Leipzig

Do you think health matters are private? At Unite, we beg to differ. The mental and physical health of all Unitees is a matter close to our hearts, especially for the team in charge of Corporate Health Management (CHM), whose mission it is to care for the healthy future of all colleagues.

Health Day with check-ups, sports, and healthy eating

That's why the Health Day takes place once a year. Under the banner of "Mental Health", consultations and sports activities already took place in Köthen this summer. Now, the motivated Unitees at the Leipzig headquarters also got to enjoy the action-packed day. With robust support from the health insurance AOK, the very popular check-ups for back health and stress levels were conducted.

Additionally, there were classes like guided meditation with a singing bowl and movement session, where participants learned practical exercises for easing tension and taking mindful breaks. For the eager Unitees, lectures on the topic of conscious eating rounded off the programme and brought exciting insights.

The CHM team from Unite

Preventive health screenings are in demand

Sophia-Thérèse Graßhoff, a member of the team since 2019, explains: "With our offerings, we aim to enable all Unitees to easily access preventive health screenings and to raise awareness about their own health." The fact that the check-ups are usually fully booked within an hour and that conversations throughout the corridors revolve around health all day long speaks to the success of the Health Day.

The Corporate Management Health team

A healthy future for our employees

Promoting a healthy work environment pays off – Unite has its own dedicated Workplace Health Team to look after its employees’ wellbeing.