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Unite Health Day at Köthen

The annual ‘Health Day’ motivates Unite employees move.

Das BGM-Team von Unite organisierte einen Gesundheitstag für die Mitarbeitenden.

Humans are made for movement, but we end up sitting in office chairs for hours. When our bodies don’t get to move, our muscles become weaker, which can often lead to illness. To motivate Unite employees to exercise more during working hours, the Occupational Health Management team organised a Health Day in June 2022 at the Köthen office. Events of the day featured lots of exercises and health check-ups. 

‘Join in, find out and try out’: check-ups, tips and relaxation 

‘Join in, find out and try out’ was the motto of this year’s Health Day. It offered free health check-ups and precautionary measures for boosting blood circulation as well as a variety of cardio exercises good for the heart. Participants learned about their lung function and lung age, received tips for healthy veins and exercises to strengthen back muscles. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to move around during a stressful workday. That’s why external health professionals shared simple exercises and tips to incorporate movement in the workplace, for instance, the eye yoga session focused on strengthening eye muscles and avoiding one-sided overstraining. 

The ‘Deep Work and Dance’ taster  got everyone’s adrenaline pumping. Followed by a short meditation (yin yoga session)  which was a welcome mindfulness break. This year’s Health Day also featured delicious culinary delights à la fresh smoothies and a healthy lunch in the company cafeteria. 

“We want to make people want to move more” 

“Promoting health is a worthwhile mission. That’s why we want to make people want to move more,” says Heike Eichler. As part of the Occupational Health Management team at Unite, Heike has taken special care for years to ensure the wellbeing of colleagues. This year, Unite received the Barmer Health Care Award for the fourth time in a row for its commitment to promoting health at the workplace. Barmer (a German health insurance company) presents the award to businesses in Germany with an above-average commitment to occupational health management. 

Unite Health Day has been a bit hit at the Köthen office for the past four years. Leipzig office employees are looking forward to their own Health Day in September, and its sure to get them moving.