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Unite at IFPSM World Summit 2023

Unite, for the first time, extended its support to the IFPSM World Summit hosted in Florence, Italy, on 21-22 September 2023. This remarkable event brought together more than 500 procurement professionals from 41 countries across four continents.

Navigating procurement in an era of permacrisis

The central theme of the summit revolved around “Procurement to Lead Innovation and Value Capture” in the face of challenging factors such as inflation, shortages and geopolitical instability.

One of the standout moments at the summit was when Christel Constant, Unite Board Member for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success, delivered a keynote speech titled “Dynamic times call for dynamic buying strategies.” In her presentation, she underscored the evolving role of procurement as a vital strategic corporate function.

IFPSM 2023 | Event montage

She also emphasised that many of the challenges confronting procurement professionals could be effectively addressed through digital tools. However, these tools, whether for risk management, e-auctions, or sustainability databases, often exist in isolation and are difficult to integrate into a cohesive toolset. Digital platforms, she noted, have the potential to unify these disparate elements into a seamless experience. The discussions and panel sessions also delved into strategies for mitigating supply chain risks, managing volatility and promoting sustainability.

Unite's presence at the IFPSM World Summit

The IFPSM World Summit of 2023 featured over 30 distinguished speakers from various industries and regions across the globe. They explored critical topics related to procurement and supply management, highlighting the significance of innovation, integration, connectivity, sustainability, resilience, and competitiveness in shaping the future success of companies. The speakers also stressed the importance of upskilling and reskilling the workforce to address major challenges effectively.

Unite played a significant role in the summit - featuring a keynote address by Christel Constant, a presentation from Unite's Italian Country Manager, Elisabetta Bollini, and a speech by Gianluca Facchini, Key Account Manager at Unite Italy. Elisabetta Bollini expressed enthusiasm about the fruitful conversations with procurement leaders from prominent European companies, stating, “We look forward to helping tackle these challenges with our Unite platform.” Unite, with a presence in 14 European countries through its national companies, deepened its connections with local procurement associations during the IFPSM World Summit.

IFPSM 2023 | Christel Constant, Unite Board member

IFPSM 2023 | Elisabetta Bollini, Country Manager Italy, Unite

About the IFPSM World Summit

The IFPSM World Summit, organised by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management, is a well-established annual global forum. It serves as a valuable platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals in procurement and supply chain management. IFPSM comprises more than 40 professional organisations from around the world. In recent years, the summit has been held in various locations, including Indonesia in 2022, Kenya in 2019, and previously in Helsinki, Barcelona and Taiwan.