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Unite releases financial performance for 2023 fiscal year

Unite continues to hold a firm market position, offering transparent procurement solutions and services tailored to the needs of buyers.

Unite, the trusted e-procurement platform for private businesses and the public sector, announces its firm position for 2024, showcasing resilience and commitment to customer needs despite the ongoing economic uncertainties.  

Despite facing headwinds in the European economy, including a slight recession in its major market, Germany, Unite reported a total revenue of €440.8 million for 2023, representing a marginal decrease of 1.5%. However, its net revenue grew by 8.9%, totalling €71.9 million, underscoring the company’s ability to adapt and thrive amidst market challenges. 

Unite CEO Dr Sebastian Wieser commented on the results: "We see that the overall stagnation in the European economy—and the slight recession in our major market, Germany—are impacting our customers’ buying behaviour. But with our strong leadership and strategic direction, we’re prepared for these trends and have adapted our platform and organisational performance accordingly to handle market unpredictability with foresight.” 

Unite takes transparent procurement to the next level 

With the introduction of its buyer-centric service model, the new Single Creditor Solution, Unite brings full transparency to service fees and ensures that every negotiation and decision is firmly rooted in customers' best interests. This enables Unite to focus on the requirements of procurement leaders and decision-makers fully.  

Unite’s strategic direction for 2024 is to build on the company’s strong foundation in the private sector while shaping a customised offering for the needs of public sector organisations. This approach is underpinned by Unite’s trusted platform and its strong, longstanding commitment to European compliance standards and values. Unite is backed by a robust ecosystem and committed to fostering and expanding its European partnerships with notable industry names such as BeNeering, Ivalua, Onventis, Jaggaer, SAP Ariba, and Zycus. 

In the area of sustainable procurement, Unite recently joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which signifies dedication to transparent reporting and continuous improvement in the company’s sustainability efforts. In line with the company’s vision to connect the economy for sustainable business, Unite also pays close attention to enhancing sustainability initiatives such as CO2 reporting and supply chain risk management. 

This combined strength of transparency, sustainability engagement, and a longstanding, trust-based ecosystem empowers buyers to navigate their ever-changing market conditions. Looking forward, Unite remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering exceptional, lasting value and navigating the market landscape with agility, positioning the company for continuous success in 2024 and beyond. 

About Unite 

Unite connects the economy for sustainable business. The trusted e-procurement platform, with its integrated Mercateo Marketplace and Procurement Portal, enables effortless sourcing and purchasing for B2B and public sector organisations. Bringing buyers and suppliers together for mutual benefit, Unite has established a solid foundation of fair competition and trustworthy partnerships. The platform’s scalable infrastructure supports connections, business stability, and a robust supply chain. Unite revolutionises e-commerce for B2B and the public sector by adding and sharing value for markets and communities. In 2022, Unite became the first platform business accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, representing the global standard for responsible tax practices. Unite was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. It operates in 12 European countries, with over 700 employees working both in-office and remotely. In 2023, Unite achieved revenue of €440.8 million.

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CEO Dr Sebastian Wieser

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Photographer: Eric Kemnitz

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