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Create your BusinessShop in just five steps

Follow our step-by-step guide to set up your business on Unite and create a BusinessShop.

In the Unite Portal you can upload your product catalogue, store individual conditions for customers and manage your BusinessShop.

Your customers can then activate your BusinessShop in the Unite Store.

5 steps to setting up your BusinessShop


Register your company


Create a


Prepare your
product catalogue


Add your
supplier data


Submit your BusinessShop

Do you have any questions or are you stuck on one of the steps?
Contact us for support

Screenshot of Step 1: How to register your company

Step 1

Register your company

  • Please register on Unite.
  • You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your email address.
  • Next, log in to Unite.
  • Set up your company in ‘Account Management’ and fill in all the required fields, such as a business address, VAT ID, a link to your imprint and the primary contact person.
Screenshot of Step 2: How to create a BusinessShop

Step 2

Create a BusinessShop

  • You can now create your BusinessShop in ‘App Management’.
  • Specify the:
    • Name of your BusinessShop
    • Catalogue language
    • E-procurement system (see info box below).
  • When opting for the Mercateo Procurement Portal, you’ll also have to choose a transaction process.
  • Furthermore, decide whether customers can activate your BusinessShop automatically or if you prefer to manually approve their activation request.
  • After submitting these details, please continue by completing all the required fields you can find in the ‘App Management’ section, such as contact person and bank details. Also, remember to upload your logo.

Selecting your
e-procurement system

Choose the e-procurement system which you want to create your BusinessShop for.

Logo of Mercateo, part of Unite

Create your BusinessShop for Mercateo customers.

You can choose different transaction processes to meet the needs of your customers and your own requirements.

Logos of e-procurement systems

Create your BusinessShop for e-procurement systems* like SAP Ariba.

*Not all e-procurement systems are available in all countries yet. Please contact us for more systems.

A BusinessShop for those e-procurement systems is based on the Commissionaire Model, where a commission agent handles the transactions.

Screenshot of Step 3: How to create a product catalogue

Step 3

Prepare your product catalogue

  • Your BusinessShop on Unite will need a product catalogue, product images, and possibly data sheets.
  • How you transfer the product catalogue will depend on the e-procurement system you chose in step 2 – see dropdowns below for more details.

Too much effort? We can create the catalogue for you:
If you can’t deliver your catalogue in the Unite CSV or XML format, or if any catalogue information is missing, we have the ideal solution. You simply send us your files – in any format that suits you – and we’ll create your catalogue for you.
Find out more about Catalogue Transform

Send us your product catalogue by sFTP (secure File Transfer Protocol).

Top tip:
Prepare your catalogue now. We will send you the sFTP access data for uploading your catalogue after you’ve submitted your BusinessShop for review (step 5).

In the following guides, we explain the most important steps to uploading your catalogue:

Good to know:
Once you’ve created a catalogue, you can easily and quickly manage it in ‘Catalogue Management’. We’ll provide a preview of your catalogue and related test results, enabling you to fix any errors quickly and make technical and content-related adjustments to your data. You determine whether and when to publish your catalogue.

Upload your product catalogue to the Unite Portal. Please note our formats and requirements.

How to transfer your catalogue:
Please log in to your Unite account on

Select ‘App Management’, then click on ‘Details’. Next, select ‘Catalogue Versions’ on the left and click on ‘Upload Catalogue’.

Upload the catalogue from your files and click ‘Save and continue’. Then upload your media data in the form of photos or PDFs. Alternatively, you can store links to your media data in the catalogue. In the ‘check log’, you can see whether the upload was successful.

Please note:
You need a supplemental agreement to work with SAP Ariba. Please complete the ‘SAP Ariba Spot Buy Request Form’ online. You’ll then receive the contract documents from SAP Ariba.

Screenshot of Step 4: How to add supplier master data

Step 4

Add your supplier data

  • E-procurement system: Mercateo
    Fill out the Unite supplier activation form online. You’ll need to log in to your Mercateo account for this. If you don’t have an account yet, please register first. Also, select the transaction process you’ve already chosen in step 2.

  • E-procurement system: SAP Ariba or other
    To complete the Unite supplier activation form, please get in touch at

Step 5

Submit your BusinessShop & upload your catalogue

  • Once you’ve provided all your BusinessShop information and confirmed the contractual basis, you need to submit your BusinessShop for review.

  • Proceed as follows, depending on the chosen e-procurement system:

    • Mercateo Procurement Portal:
      After you have submitted your BusinessShop, we’ll send you access data to our sFTP server, so you can upload your product catalogue.

    • SAP Ariba or other e-procurement system:
      Before you can submit your BusinessShop, you’ll be asked to upload your catalogue in the ’App Management’ section.

  • After your catalogue is uploaded and your BusinessShop is submitted, we’ll take care of the configuration and testing for you. We’ll check your data and contact you if we need anything further.

  • As soon as we have all required information and completed the configuration process, your BusinessShop will go live. When it does, we’ll email you a confirmation to let you know.

Important to know

Code of Conduct
We expect everyone in the Unite Network to follow our principles of fairness and transparency. Thank you for agreeing to follow our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Contractual basis
Please note that your contract will only come into effect when your BusinessShop goes live. Your contractual conditions depend on the transaction process you’ve chosen:

If you’ve chosen to use our Order Forwarding transaction process, click here to review your contractual conditions.

If you’ve chosen to use our Commissionaire transaction process, click here to review your contractual conditions.

If you’ve chosen to use our Commissionaire Plus transaction process, click here to review your contractual conditions.

Still have questions?

If you need more information or assistance, please contact our team, who will be happy to answer all your questions: