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Tap into Europe's leading B2B marketplace: consolidate your tail spend

Single vendor, multiple suppliers

Accommodate all your ad-hoc demands without adding to your supplier management time.

Millions of products

From office supplies and IT to safety and MRO, we've got your specialised business needs covered.

Unified European access

Effortlessly connect your multinational HQs across Europe with local suppliers through one streamlined solution.

Shop smartly

Our order basket delivers suggestions for cost savings, faster delivery, and fewer shipments.

Compliant purchasing

Hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers for you to shop with confidence.

Search excellence

Unlock the power of a guided cross-product search functionality.

One vendor for all your tail spend needs

You will be in good company

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Meanwhile, you can start exploring the Mercateo Marketplace, featuring millions of products from hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers.