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Redeem voucher

On the preview page of your next order on, enter your voucher code under 'Optional data'. If you successfully enter a valid code, you will immediately receive a confirmation. If your order is more expensive than the value of your credit, you can easily pay for your order using one of the other payment methods.

You don't want to use the voucher anyway? Remove the voucher code and the credit will remain available for your next order.

  • Vouchers are only valid for online orders.

  • When using a voucher, a subsequent discount on the invoice is excluded.

  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Vouchers can be redeemed on the entire Mercateo range, excl. shipping costs.

  • A voucher can only be used for one order. If the order value is lower, the remaining value of the voucher expires.

  • Only one voucher per order can be used.

Redeeming voucher failed

The voucher code was entered incorrectly - Make sure all signs are correct and take care of upper and lower case.
The voucher code is no longer valid - Please check the expiry date of the voucher.
The voucher code was already redeemed - A voucher can only be used once for one order. Please check the conditions mentioned above.

Should there still be an error message, you can check your voucher code here.


Should you not use the whole value of the voucher, the remaining balance expires.

If you return any items you already paid for, we will send you a voucher within five working days.

Compensation for a lost voucher is not possible.

Have you read the causes of failure and did you thoroughly check your voucher code and it still does not work? Please check with our customer service and tell us the voucher code.

If you forgot to redeem your voucher when placing the order, the amount cannot be deducted from your order. Vouchers are only valid when placing your order online. You can redeem the voucher with your next order.