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    Tap into new customers SAP Ariba Spot Buy & Mercateo Unite

    Mercateo Unite is your gateway to customers, who rely on SAP Ariba Spot Buy to fulfill their indirect procurement needs. Provide your assortment and services to companies, without the need to set up your own IT-infrastructure. With the networking platform Mercateo Unite, you can easily serve more than just one ERP-infrastructure and supply to a multitude of customers, who profit from single creditor capability.

    Requirements for sellers enabled by SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog

    Sellers enabled by SAP Ariba Spot Buy catalog need to meet the following requirements in order to participate in SAP Ariba Spot Buy and Mercateo Unite:

    • Create a BusinessShop on Mercateo Unite (Find below the relevant pricetable for establishing a Business Shop).
    • Meet some technical requirements such as BMEcat 1.2 catalog format.
    • Fill in the SAP Ariba Spot Buy Request Form to participate in SAP Ariba Spot Buy.

    Single creditor capability strengthens customer relations

    Mercateo Unite simplifies accounting by serving as a single creditor in every purchasing process. As a supplier, you send invoice data to and are paid through Mercateo Unite. For buyers, the invoicing in the procurement process remains the same no matter how many suppliers are added through the Mercateo Unite App Store. This provides massive operational savings in the Spot Buy process.


    Catalogue technical requirements

    The catalogue format for Unite is BMEcat 1.2, a predefined XML format. Use the instructions to create the catalogue according to the specifications. Please also see the sample file to better understand the XML-format we use.

    Catalogue technical requirements

    Order sample

    This is a sample of what an order would look like which you will receive from the Unite System. The format is a PDF or cXML attachment delivered via email.

    Order sample

    Invoice template

    After receiving your invoice data, Unite Financial Services generates and sends an invoice on your behalf and in your name. Here you may see the invoice template that a buyer would receive in the seller’s name.

    Invoice template UK

    Muster Rechnung DE

    Invoice template Commission UK

    Muster Rechnung Kommission DE

    Remittance advice (sample)

    The remittance advice is sent in advance of each transfer of funds and shows which positions are being settled with the ensuing payment.

    Template - Remittance Advice UK

    Muster - Zahlungsavis DE

    Invoice for service fee (sample)

    You will be invoiced for payment services rendered by Unite Financial Services in the provided format.

    Sample - Invoice for service fee UK

    Muster - Rechnung für die Provisionsgebühr DE


    Terms of use for Mercateo Unite

    These are the general terms and conditions that every user (buyer and seller) has to accept when registering on Mercateo Unite.

    Terms of use for Mercateo Unite

    Terms of use for Mercateo

    These are the general terms and conditions that every user (buyer and seller) has to accept if Mercateo Deutschland AG shall act as a commission agent for the provider in the Unite BusinessShop Commission (Single Creditor) module when registering on Mercateo Unite.

    Terms of use for Mercateo

    Privacy policy Unite

    The privacy policy has to be accepted by all users of the Mercateo Unite Platform

    Privacy policy

    General contractual conditions for Unite providers

    This is the general contract governing the relationship of all sellers (= providers) on the Mercateo Unite Platform.

    General contractual conditions

    Service description Unite BusinessShop

    This service description outlines how transactions between any Unite BusinessShop and any buyer are handled within the commission payment model.

    Unite BusinessShop – Commission

    Unite BusinessShop – Single creditor

    Payment services contract wirecard

    In order to be able to participate in the single creditor model, each seller is required to sign in a payment services contract with Unite’s financial partner Wirecard Bank.

    Payments services contract wirecard

    Code of conduct Unite partners

    The code of conduct is to guarantee that all sellers on the Unite Platform adhere to strict ethical business standards.

    Code of conduct Unite Partners

    Price Table

    These are the current commercial terms in order to be a part of the Mercateo Unite Platform.

    Price Table Ariba Network seller on Unite

    Price table sellers enabled by SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog

    You may contact Ulla Vetter, with any questions regarding the onboarding to Mercateo Unite. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to learn more about how you can benefit from participating in Mercateo Unite.

    +49 341 355 86 252