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    For purchasers using their own eprocurement-system

    Which steps do I need to take in order to integrate Mercateo Unite?

    There are only five main steps you have to take:

    1. Contact your ERP or e-procurement system provider. In order to integrate Unite via an API, please contact your respective system provider who will guide you through the initial connection.
    2. Connect with Unite. Register an account on Unite. Then you can enable the connection to Unite in your own ERP or e-procurement system. You will need the username and password from your registration on Unite. Finally register your companies.
    3. Go live. Once connected with Unite, we will switch your account to a technical “go live”. Now you are prepared for step 4.
    4. Test Orders and Invoice. To make sure everything is just the way you need it, we will test some orders and the invoice process.
    5. Enjoy Unite! Now that everything runs smoothly, you are free to roll out Unite to all your employees and enjoy the simplicity of e-procurement!

    As an administrator, how do I register an account on Mercateo Unite?

    If you like to register an account on Mercateo Unite, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address at and choose a password. You then receive an e-mail to verify your e-mail address.

    How do I connect my ERP or e-procurement system to Mercateo Unite?

    Within your ERP or e-procurement system you will have to activate the Mercateo Unite account that you just created. Please contact the responsible person within your organization, to help you with this step if you happen to have some difficulties

    Within your ERP or e-procurement system you can activate the access of the Mercateo Unite API into your system with just one click and then, in a second step, activate Mercateo Unite for several companies within your organization.

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    What information will I need for the account and company registration?

    Generally, the only thing you will need for your registration is your e-mail address. You then confirm that your own e-procurement or ERP system shall transfer the necessary data to Mercateo Unite. This data includes:

    • Name and VAT-ID of company
    • Company address
    • Contact details of the person who is entitled to register the account in the name and on behalf of the company

    Should you have any problems regarding the transfer of your data from your system to Mercateo Unite please contact your e-procurement- or ERP system provider.

    I registered on Unite but I did not confirm my welcome/confirmation email. Now it says 'access expired' if I try to catch up after some days. How can I confirm my email adress now?

    After five days the confirmation email is expiring. Simply try to login again. If your email address is not yet confirmed a new confirmation email will be resent automatically.

    I did not get my registration email. What can I do?

    First of all, please have a look at your spam folder. If you can not find our email there, you can try to log-in again and a new confirmation email will be resend automatically. If you still don`t get any email, please try to register again and check that your email address is spelled correctly.

    How many accounts can I create on Mercateo Unite?

    Every legal entity within your organisation may be entitled to open an account. However, Mercateo Unite gives you the possibility to create several companies under one account. The organisation’s information such as companies, users, etc. will be kept consolidated under a so-called tenant account. We would recommend you involve your dedicated contact person of your ERP or e-procurement system provider prior to setting-up your account on Mercateo Unite.

    Where can I find my user administration settings?

    Your user administration settings are to be found within your own ERP or e-procurement system. For any further questions with regard to your user administration, please involve your dedicated system support contact.

    Can I delegate the registration to a third party?

    The registration and creation of an account on Mercateo Unite is the sole responsibility of the organisation and its affiliated companies concerned. The ERP or e-procurement system partner or any other third party is not entitled to register or create the account for the participating organisation and their affiliates within the meaning of §§ 15 et seq. AktG. The organisation is solely responsible for the security of their login credentials. The organisation may not pass on the login credentials to any third party and is also solely responsible for any use or actions made under their login credentials. It is the duty of the account holding organisation within the meaning of §§ 15 et seq. AktG to communicate this obligation to their affiliated companies in writing.

    In which countries is the Mercateo Unite API available?

    At the moment, an integration into the ERP or e-procurement system is available in five European countries:

    • Germany (GER)
    • United Kingdom (UK)
    • France (FR)
    • Netherlands (NL)
    • Austria (AT)
    • More European countries, such as Spain and Switzerland, will follow soon.

    My organization has companies in several countries. Can I create accounts for companies which are located in several countries?

    Yes, upon account registration you are entitled to create several accounts for companies which can be based in Germany, United Kingdom and France, Netherlands and Austria. The activation of Mercateo Unite Sellers is conducted separately for each company in their respective country.

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