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    For purchasers using their own eprocurement-system

    What is Unite?

    Unite is a networking platform for purchasing and trade. Here, buyers can specifically activate suppliers in order to purchase products. The direct business relationship between buyers and suppliers is in the foreground. Unite provides functionalities that facilitate the digital business processes between purchasing and sales.

    Warum sollte ich mir den Unite App Store freischalten?

    Der Unite App Store bietet Einkäufern ein Lieferantennetzwerk mit vorintegrierten Anbietern aus verschiedenen Branchen. Stammlieferanten lassen sich einladen und neue Lieferantenbeziehungen mit individuellen Preisen aufbauen. Ein vorintegrierter Marktplatz bietet Millionen Artikeln von geprüften Anbietern und ein erweiterbares Netzwerk mit nur einem Kreditor. Mehr erfahren.

    How much does it cost to use Unite?

    There are no costs for registration and use of Unite. All e-procurement functionalities and features are available to every purchaser free of charge. Providers are charged for creating, displaying and hosting the Unite App and a transaction fee per order.

    How do I access Unite?

    The registration and administration access to Unite occur via an HTML-capable web browser. The latest versions of the following web browsers are supported:

    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Edge
    • Safari

    In the case that the latest version of the chosen browser is not being used, Unite Network AG cannot guarantee the functionality and system stability of the Unite function. Unite Network AG does not offer support for browsers other than those listed above in their respective latest versions. The following applies to all browsers/applications: JavaScript must be enabled.

    How do I find new providers on Unite?

    New vendors can be found in the Unite App Store on the platform. You can choose from different categories or industries and search by name, zip code and city. Alternatively, you can use the map view to access business partners in your region. You can also use a form to invite your preferred provider directly to Unite.

    Can I use Unite to buy from my previous suppliers?

    Yeah, that’s possible. You can find your suppliers on the Unite App Store or invite your preferred suppliers directly to Unite using a form on Mercateo Unite’s welcome page.

    Why can't I use some apps directly?

    Some vendors review buyer requests before they gain access to their app. This can take 1-2 days.

    How does the cancellation/return/complaint of products work?

    If you have any questions regarding the cancellation, return or complaint, please contact the respective provider. Most providers provide more detailed information on the start page of their Unite App or in the order confirmations.

    What payment options are available?

    At Unite we offer purchase on account with every order. You will receive the invoice by e-mail from the respective provider. The payment period is determined by the provider.

    Where can I view my orders?

    You can find your placed orders on Mercateo in the menu bar under “My Mercateo” > Order Archive.

    Where can I find my customer number?

    You can find your customer number on Mercateo in the menu bar under “My Mercateo” > Profile (in the upper right corner).

    Within our organization we are currently using the Mercateo procurement platform via Punch Out (OCI or XML). Will I be able to keep it and use both?

    Yes, you may continue using your punch out to the Mercateo procurement platform and also enable Unite via your ERP or e-procurement system provider within your organization.

    Where can I find the Terms of Use for Unite?

    You can find the Terms of Use for Mercateo Unite here.

    Is it possible to make individual adjustments to the General Section of the Unite Terms of Use?

    No, by nature, all participants of the network have to observe these general rules as the house rules and cannot negotiate special individual regulations which then cannot be applied to the other numerous users.

    We are using Unite through a Partner´s system and have already concluded a service contract with the Partner that also contains regulations regarding the Provider-Customer relationship. Which rules apply?

    Sec. 15.1.1 of the Unite Terms of Use stipulates that the contractual terms of the partner that provides the third-party system shall take precedence insofar as they relate to the Provider-Customer relationship.

    What is the VAT-ID of Mercateo Unite?

    Mercateo Unite is an infrastructure and you cannot buy anything from Mercateo Unite directly. You always buy from the seller you have chosen on Mercateo Unite. For your accounting system you use Unite Financial Services (UFS) as the creditor. You will find more information on our Single Creditor Model here.

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