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More ways to see your sales soar

Deal directly with buyers, attract new customers, and strengthen relationships with the most relevant ones, all in one place. And with Unite, you benefit from the Spotmarket too – where customers can meet their ad-hoc needs from all our vetted suppliers.

Unite Sell Direct Way

A direct way to new buyers

Be found in an instant, with a BusinessShop or a connection to your existing WebShop, in the Unite Store. Gain access to our marketing and promotional tools to help attract attention, showcase your offer, and make a direct connection with brand-new prospects on the platform. When buyers activate your BusinessShop, they can start shopping right away.

The flexibility to meet buyers’ needs

Leverage promotional tools to help customers find your business. With our Single Creditor service built in, you offer them lean P2P processes and transparency.

Be visible when they search

Showcase your company and products with a profile page in the Unite Store. Once activated, your BusinessShop connection will appear prominently when customers log in to start buying - making your business a standard part of their process.

Easy upload and updates

Upload and manage your e-catalogues with ease. Make changes to prices or assortment in the blink of an eye so your catalogue is always up to date.

Unite Sell Seamless 2

The seamless way to strenghten partnerships

Once you have a BusinessShop on Unite, your customers can opt for individualisation features. They can benefit from one-to-one pricing, view management, and approval functionality - all built into their procurement process, laying the foundations for a long-term partnership.

Tailor it for your customers

Invited by a customer to set up a BusinessShop? Give them the tailored treatment they want while staying directly connected, strengthening your relationship for the long term.

Invite others to join

Invite your own customers to Unite and keep existing framework agreements in place. It’s the easy way to digitise all your one-to-one relationships – all your customers, all in one place.

Your partnerships, your rules

The Unite Store helps maximise direct connections to several customers at once. Want to keep some of your BusinessShops private? No problem. Our platform supports exclusive hosting as well.

Unite Sell Instant Sales

Instant sales on the spot

Unite helps you promote your business and increase direct customer relationships, but it also offers another way to generate revenue. The Spotmarket is where you can sell anonymously to a wider network of buyers, minimal effort required.