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Say hello to streamlined procurement processes

Meet the smart, flexible way to transform your procurement process. With our Procurement Portal, Mercateo, your business benefits from a customisable marketplace, while you keep control of assortment and spend.

Unite Procure Shape

Shape the way they shop

Do away with maverick spend and online price comparisons. With our Procurement Portal, you can ensure colleagues buy from preferred suppliers with negotiated prices, all with a standardised P2P process. You’ll save time and keep costs down in the process.

Unite Procure Driving Seat

Stay in the driving seat

With smart features like basket optimisation straight out of the box, you can quickly empower your people to get what they need and spend more time on strategic buying instead.

Unite Procure Transparency

Transparency that can take you further

Add value to your business with our transparency tools that put you in control. Receive automated order reports, analyse your expenditure by product group or individual, update delivery addresses, and have an overview of every purchase request – all in one place.

Unite Procure Direct Connection

A direct connection for seamless purchasing

Integrate Unite with your organisation’s procurement system or use our Procurement Portal to fully leverage the functionality of the Unite platform. Designed to work seamlessly with our solution, it’s where you can search for suppliers and activate Business Shops.

Unite Procure All Features

All the features from wherever you want

Use the Procurement Portal independently or access it from over 40 ERP and third-party solutions without the need for IT integration. Register to get started and enjoy easy access to Business Shops or the built-in Spotmarket for ad-hoc spend straight away.

Is your system compatible? Stress-free and streamlined procurement

Catalogue management

Access an overview of your supplier landscape, invite new suppliers, and delete catalogues you don’t want anymore – all with one click.

Roles and rules

Clear user rights and rules let you avoid delays and empower your people to order what they need without your help.

Spend limits

Keep control over spending by setting limits for specific users or teams. That way, you can always step in to approve big purchases.

Tailored selection

You control what’s included in assortments too and who can access them. Your employees still have a choice, and you have peace of mind.

Tools to keep your team happy

A better basket

Basket optimisation means your people can choose lower prices, faster shipping, or fewer packages – prioritising what’s most important to them.

Searching far and wide

Our powerful product search includes activated suppliers and the Spotmarket to make sure users always find the products they need.