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    Would you like to become a supplier in the B2B network Unite? Has a customer invited you to make your products available in an e-procurement system? Here you will find information about the onboarding process and helpful tips on how to use Unite.

    Where can I find my company ID? Where can I edit my profile?

    Log in to your Unite account:

    • Select your account in the top right corner
    • Click on Switch companies or Create company
    • Your company ID can be found on the left and you can edit your company data by clicking on the pen icon

    I forgot my password. What do I have to do?

    If you have forgotten your password, please go to the Login page, click Password forgotten and follow the steps.

    Manage and contact customers

    You can always contact the customers who have activated your BusinessShop. You can find the contact details in your Unite account:

    • Contract management
    • Contracts with customers
    • Details

    Create and assign individual prices

    Every customer who activates your BusinessShop initially receives access to your basic prices. Those correspond to the prices you have included in your catalogue file.

    To assign individual prices to your customer, create a csv price file (for more information see create individual price file).

    To assign an uploaded price file to a customer, go to your App Administration, click on individual prices and select the relevant customers.

    Upload new catalogue

    To upload a new catalogue to Unite:

    Log in to your Unite account:

    • Select the button App Management
    • Click on Details
    • Select Catalogue versions on the left side
    • Click on Upload catalogue
    • Upload the catalogue from your files and click Save and continue

    Find the catalogue requirements here.

    If you have any questions, please contact

    Porträt | Anbieterteam

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