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    Designing diversity simply: With the single creditor model

    A large number of suppliers are often used to ensure that a company’s requirements are met. However, this diversity usually goes hand in hand with an increased number of creditors. This leads to greater administrative effort and unnecessary process costs. Mercateo Unite will change that: With the single creditor model, you simply manage your existing suppliers via one technical infrastructure and tap into new suppliers in no time at all.

    With the single creditor model, you maintain only one creditor in your system, regardless of the number of suppliers you work with through Mercateo Unite. Mercateo Unite offers companies a more efficient billing process that relieves the accounting department, saving process costs and simplifying the procurement of your indirect requirements.

    Easy access to diversity. A process for strong relationships.

    Single Creditor Model | Order process
    Single Creditor Model | Invoice process
    Single Creditor Model | Payment process

    Ordering process

    If a buyer places an order on Mercateo Unite in his system, the order is immediately forwarded to the supplier. The order is then fulfilled directly between the contracting parties.

    Invoicing process

    The supplier provides Unite Financial Services with the transaction data, which in turn creates the invoice in the name and on behalf of the supplier and sends it to the buying organisation. These documents are also made available to the supplier for revision-proof archiving.

    Payment process

    To settle the invoice, the buyer sends the payment to a service provider appointed by Mercateo Unite. The corresponding payment amount is then distributed to the supplier by the payment service provider.

    Optimise process costs. Maintain supplier diversity.

    The number of suppliers and creditors has always played a decisive role in procurement. In order to cover indirect demand, companies have relied on a large number of suppliers resulting in high administrative costs as well as very high fixed costs. As a result, supplier reduction is often a key objective. While this reduced process costs and operating expenses, it also reduces the breadth of supplier and product selection.

    With Unite and the single creditor model, diversity in procurement becomes possible again, because the administrative effort is reduced to a minimum due to our advanced technical infrastructure. The unique solution enables procurement with multiple suppliers with only one creditor. Direct 1:1 relationships are maintained between the supplier and customer with individual conditions and assortments.

    One creditor, many advantages. Benefit from the network.

    A strong network and one contact

    Tap into a strong supplier network and maintain a single creditor account. Mercateo Unite makes diversity in procurement manageable.

    Your direct connection to the supplier

    By request, you can get in touch with each individual supplier from the network. Negotiate prices or conditions directly with the provider and receive first-hand product information.

    A single payment term for all orders

    No more different payment terms for different suppliers: In the single creditor model, all orders are subject to a standard 30-day payment period.

    Lean standard processes for all suppliers

    The invoice process and the invoice template are identical for each supplier. These standards allow your accounting department to benefit from simpler processes.

    One contact for returns enquiries

    Too much, too late or delivered incorrectly? You can submit your return requests directly through the perspective provider. You will receive help quickly, no matter which supplier you have ordered from.

    Compliant with tax and commercial law

    Always on the safe side: The payment and invoicing processes were declared compliant with tax and commercial law by the auditing company BDO.

    Pull together: Information for your accounting.

    When introducing new processes, all parties should always be involved. We have therefore summarized all necessary information for your accounting in the service&support area. You can view the documents there under “templates”, download and forward them to the relevant colleagues.

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