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    Sell via Unite: Benefit from the network

    Unite is a central access point for manufacturers and retailers who are looking for e-procurement systems such as SAP Ariba, Jaggaer, Integra, and Opus Capita as well as their users. Become part of a constantly growing network and keep reaching new customers - with no additional business acquisition measures and no ongoing IT costs. Utilise the strengths of an international, neutral network and benefit from a continuously growing reach. Enable buyers to easily integrate your business into the digital procurement process or offer your existing customers a zero-cost e-procurement solution with you as the primary provider.

    Strong e-procurement partners: your key to success

    Enable purchasers to easily integrate your product range into their
    e-procurment-system. Find out more in our video.

    A strong platform. Your gateway to new customers.

    Consolidate client relations

    Offer your customers tailored pricing. Set yourself apart from the competition and maintain a loyal customer base. Naturally, you’re the one who decides whether and which discounts you would like to offer to which customers.

    Be present in e-procurement systems

    Unite is your access point to well-known e-procurement systems such as SAP Ariba, Jaggaer, and Mercateo. Once you’re on Unite you have a presence in numerous purchasing systems. The more system partners Unite connects, the better it is for you.

    Entice customers with attractive prices

    The neutral network Unite lets participants set conditions and prices themselves and doesn’t involve itself in pricing. Instead of a price margin, a small transaction cost of a few cents is deducted for each transaction conducted via Unite.

    No ongoing IT costs for you

    The technical integration of your company into Unite comes with a low one-off IT cost that gives you the best possible support from Unite. Once the integration is completed you won’t have to pay any ongoing IT costs to the platform.

    Two solutions. Numerous benefits for your customers.

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    Use Unite as a hub, Mercateo to reach customers

    The connection to is a direct channel for providers to well-known e-procurement systems such as Beneering, SAP Ariba, Opus Capita, and DIG. Anyone who sets up a BusinessShop on Unite can immediately reach more than one million Mercateo customers, as well as others, because users of the Mercateo procurement platform see BusinessShops in the Unite app store on their interface.

    Felix Funda

    „We want to be included in the digital catalogue of every public utility company that uses SAP Ariba as standard. This is my promise with Unite.“

    Felix Funda, Head of E-Business, EBERO AG

    Christian Möller

    Sell now with Unite!

    Want to know what opportunities the B2B network Unite holds for you? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions in our help & support section. If you would like a personalised consultation, simply contact us on:

    +49 341 35586999