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    SAP Ariba is the market leader in cloud procurement solutions, including a solution for indirect procurement. The SAP Ariba Spot Buy module enables purchasers to cover requirements outside their regular supplier portfolio.

    The Successstory with Unite

    The Challenge

    Finding and Procuring non sourced items is a difficult challenge for all organisations. This area of spend is constantly increasing as end user requests become more diverse and business agility becomes more important. That leaves significant savings on the table for Buyers with sellers missing out on opportunities to expand and win new business.

    That’s why Unite

    Unite shares the same vision with SAP Ariba of connecting Buyers and Sellers to meet non sourced business challenges. Unite’s supply side reach helps buyers get a handle on this hard to manage category and control their costs while at the same time opening the door to new opportunities for sellers that fuel growth.

    The solution

    With SAP Ariba Spot Buy and the Unite multi-seller infrastructure, enterprise buyers can access the rapidly growing number of Unite sellers as well as millions of items from Mercateo Shop on demand. SAP Ariba’s procurement expertise combined with Unite’s innovative technology enhances the exclusive experience of buyers and sellers in Europe and enables them to manage their non-contracted spend more efficiently.

    Find out more about on how SAP Ariba has become part of the Mercateo Unite network.

    Richard Downs

    „We have created a unique, end-to-end experience through which our customers can more efficiently manage non-contracted spend.“

    Richard Downs, Vice President B2B Marketplaces, SAP Ariba

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    SAP Ariba is the market leader in cloud procurement solutions, including a solution for indirect procurement.

    Founded: 1972

    Number of employees: 100.000

    Headquarter: Waldorf, Germany

    Active in these countries: 190 Countries


    Robert Calvert, Sr Director

    Robert Calvert, Sr Director

    3 questions to SAP Ariba

    In your opinion, what role do personal relationships play in a digital business world?

    In the modern data driven world many transactions and relationships can be formed electronically however these can only be maximized through personal relationships.

    What shouldn't be missing in an innovative shopping experience and why?

    In B2B, the innovative experience goes beyond simply shopping to also extend into the full procure to pay process. This is essential especially when talking about high volume of lower spend transactions with 1.000’s of small suppliers.

    How do you think Unite supports cooperation in B2B?

    Connecting Buyers with Sellers is at the heart of the design principles of Unite. For SAP Ariba, Unite supports the difficult procurement process of working with small suppliers and infrequent purchases.