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    FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH implements end-to-end integration processes for its customers. FIS focuses on SAP projects and the development of efficient solutions that drive digitization in companies. As one of the leading SAP system houses in the D-A-CH region, FIS is the market leader in technical wholesale with its complete solution FIS/wws.

    The co-operation with Unite

    The Challenge

    Efficiency and quality needn’t suffer when selling on online marketplaces and platforms. Buyers expect a flawless ordering process followed by speedy delivery. Since marketplace actions should directly trigger processes in the ERP system, deep system integration is required to offer an outstanding customer experiences and make internal processes more efficient. Sellers can only increase overall efficiency and offer an ideal shopping experience by almost complete automation, from product listing and order-to-cash processes to return shipments.

    That’s why Unite

    The B2B focus in particular makes Unite the ideal platform for many of our customers. Unite stands out thanks to its extensive integration options for several e-procurement systems. As our FIS/TradeFlex solution focuses on full process integration, what persuaded us about Unite was its “process view” in connection with purchasing. As Unite also provides many integration scenario features, it’s the ideal platform for using our expertise in end-to-end process integration, particularly in the SAP environment.

    The Solution

    FIS/TradeFlex provides sellers with consistent process integration. The FIS/TradeFlex solution covers the entire sales process from product listing and order-to-cash to handling returns and credit memos, all fully integrated into SAP and without the need for any additional development. Automated processes, such as the assignment of open items to payments, considerably increase efficiency and convenience. FIS/TradeFlex enables the clear management of multiple marketplaces in one central user interface.

    Christoph Burdack

    „Digitisation means considering a process from start to finish and digitising all of it instead of only parts of it. “

    Christoph Burdack , Product Owner FIS, FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH

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    Factsheet FIS

    FIS, a certified SAP Gold Partner, is a one-stop shop for SAP projects and develops efficient solutions to advance corporate digitalisation.

    Founded: 1992

    Number of employees: more than 800

    Headquarters: Grafenrheinfeld

    Laura Warnow

    Laura Warnow
    +49 (9723) 9188-228

    3 questions to FIS

    What potential does the cooperation between you and Unite unfold for your customers?

    Sellers using FIS/TradeFlex can quickly integrate the Unite platform into their SAP ERP system without any additional development work. Afterwards, they benefit from the large Unite network and can establish their own one-to-one relationships with partners and customers. All activities on the Unite platform (as well as on other platforms and marketplaces) can be managed centrally in FIS/TradeFlex.

    How do you think Unite supports cooperation in B2B?

    Unite helps businesses find the right partners quickly and easily. The diversity of potential partners that can be accessed via the Unite network is especially important. Unite helps B2B collaborations succeed by offering support as an independent third party.

    What is the greatest added value of networking for you?

    Networking has several benefits since it leads to consistent, efficient processes both between collaborating partners and also in networked systems. This cuts the number of errors, eliminating discrepancies and inefficient processes. Seamlessly networked systems and partnerships boost overall efficiency and increase confidence.