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    Key points about BusinessShop fees

    Customers are charged monthly fees for the use of BusinessShops. The exact fees vary depending on the size of the BusinessShop’s catalogue and its range of products as well as the number of employees in the customer’s corporate group. Customers have an allowance each month for using BusinessShops.

    As soon as the monthly fees exceed your allowance, you can still try out any other BusinessShops free of charge for 60 days after activation. Once the trial period has ended, monthly fees will be charged for each BusinessShop that’s still activated.

    Please note that you’ll only be charged when the monthly fees exceed your allowance and your 60-day free trial period ends. The amount you’re actually charged each month equates to your monthly fees less your monthly allowance.

    What do the fees and times shown in the App Store mean?

    1. Customers are granted a monthly allowance. All BusinessShop fees are shown transparently in your cost overview.

    2. When you’ve activated a BusinessShop, the number of days left in your trial period is displayed. If you exceed your monthly allowance, you can still test other BusinessShops free of charge for 60 days.

    3. The monthly fees are based on the size of the customer’s corporate group (headcount) as well as the size of both the BusinessShop’s catalogue and its range of products.

    4. Your corporate group has already activated the BusinessShop, so you won’t be charged any additional fees.

    5. BusinessShops that are already activated for your corporate group are marked with a green ribbon.

    When do charges apply on Unite?

    Registration on Unite is free. You can purchase goods and services from numerous pre-integrated providers and your own suppliers by activating their BusinessShops in the App Store. You can then see their offerings in these BusinessShops, and buy from them online using a standardised ordering process which is seamlessly integrated into your familiar purchasing system. Monthly fees apply to the use of BusinessShops.

    How are the fees for BusinessShops calculated?

    Customers pay a monthly fee for each BusinessShop they activate. The fee is calculated based on:

    • The size of the BusinessShop’s catalogue and its range of products
    • The number of employees in the customer’s corporate group

    How much is my monthly allowance?

    You’ll be given a monthly allowance, which is deducted from the monthly fees we charge for using BusinessShops. No fees are charged if you keep within your allowance. The size of your monthly allowance depends on the size (headcount) of your corporate group.

    Can I test BusinessShops for free?

    Yes, once your allowance has been used up, you can still test other BusinessShops for 60 days free of charge. This trial period gives you an opportunity to decide whether you like a BusinessShop’s products and services enough to become a permanent customer. Fees will only be charged after this 60-day trial period. The free trial period for any BusinessShop starts when you activate it. You can see how many days you have left in your trial period for each BusinessShop in the App Store.

    How often can I test BusinessShops?

    Each BusinessShop has its own trial period of 60 days. The trial period of any BusinessShop can only be started once. If a buyer cancels a trial or if a provider closes their BusinessShop and reopens it at a later date, the buyer cannot start another trial period, not even for the unused days.

    Can I carry forward unused monthly allowances to the following month?

    No, unused allowances expire.

    Can I cancel a BusinessShop subscription?

    BusinessShop subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

    How are fees invoiced?

    Every month, you’ll be invoiced for all the BusinessShops you’ve used. The monthly allowance will then be deducted from the total. Fees are only charged for any BusinessShop after its 60-day trial period ends.

    Where can I see my costs?

    As soon as your fees go live, you can see your costs in your cost overview on Unite.

    What happens if the size of my corporate group changes?

    If the number of employees changes, your monthly allowance and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

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