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    Direct customer contact. A digital business relationship.

    With a BusinessShop on Unite, you as the dealer or manufacturer can offer and manage your product catalogues digitally. The configuration effort is minimal and comes with low connection costs, low monthly fixed costs as well as low transaction costs for each order. This way you can simply create your own online shop with a personalised URL and landing page, product categories as well as item detail pages.

    Your advantages with a BusinessShop

    Product range available online

    Use the reliable platform solution to manage product catalogues online and thus meet your customers’ requirements for a digital process.

    Individual prices and conditions

    Assign customer-specific prices or enter the different pricing variants for customer groups. Shape your individual business relationships.

    Setup without IT costs

    Don’t have enough IT resources? You don’t need any programming expertise to set up the BusinessShop, just an internet connection.

    Personal contact

    Meet your customers’ e-commerce requirements and maintain personal contact. Mercateo Unite provides the infrastructure, you handle the service and consulting.

    Impress customers

    The platform is free to use for purchasers. You can establish purchasing hierarchy and define individual approval rules for orders.

    Ihr BusinessShop

    Sie möchten Kunden über digitale Vertriebskanäle erreichen? In unserem Video erfahren Sie mehr.

    Single creditor model: Make your customers happy.

    Unite offers a transaction service that enables a more efficient billing process: the single creditor model.

    When you serve your customers via the single creditor system, they only have to take care of one creditor in their system - regardless of the number of suppliers your customers work with via Unite. Unite acts as a service provider here for invoicing and payment processing.

    You also have the option to provide the BusinessShop to purchasers who use an API integration, e.g. via an e-procurement partner, to access Unite and place orders. As a provider, this gives you the chance to meet the growing customer requirements for streamlined order processing.

    Portrait | Jochen Buch

    „My BusinessShop allows me to offer my customers significant added value. I make my range available digitally and at the same time create free space to concentrate on my core competence - consulting in tool retail.“

    Jochen Buch, Managing Director, Buch Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH

    Christian Möller

    Sell now with Unite!

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